Working with Government

Working with Government

Supporting the uptake of satellite data for everyday solutions

Government organisations have a wide range of challenges across multiple industries, and our experience in the capabilities of satellite data allows us to help provide solutions that can have a huge impact. Some areas we are working on are health and wellbeing, environmental monitoring, and intelligent transport.

How We Can Help

Supporting government organisations with developing solutions worldwide

Building Connections

We can facilitate introductions to industry and academic organisations to build collaborations and work on problem solving.

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Centres of Excellence

We have 5 UK Centres of Excellence, helping to support the uptake of satellite-enabled solutions and supporting organisations within their region.

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Technical Expertise

We have experts in all areas of satellite technologies and applications, and can provide advice and support for new or improved solutions. See our Geospatial Intelligence and Ubiquitous Connectivity pages for more information.

Market Expertise

We have experience in working across many different markets, and have experts as well as strong relationships within the markets we are currently focusing on.

Space Enterprise Community

The Space Enterprise Community is a new online platform designed to provide a collaborative, user friendly and centralised platform for the UK space sector. Designed to help connect a wide variety of organisations and individuals working in the sector across all UK regions, the Space Enterprise Community is the result of extensive research, scoping and development by the Catapult’s Regional Growth team (supported by the UKSA), in answer to challenges posed by colleagues across the country.

As well as connecting all commercial, academic, research and public sector stakeholders, it provides a location on which to store and share news, events, opportunities and resources. The platform also acts to encourage conversation and raise the profile of innovative projects and programmes taking place nationwide.

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Space Enterprise Community