Location: Harwell Campus

DISC provides access to equipment and expertise to help you innovate and accelerate the development of new products and services.

With end-to-end design, modelling, testing – including RF antenna test ranges – and production equipment in a collaborative engineering environment, we can help you develop new solutions for large-scale market opportunities. DISC enables teams to take an R&D project from proof of concept through to a full-sized prototype, manufactured at quality levels and scales sufficient to undertake end-customer validation.

With competitive rates, the facilities are open to industry and academia and provide equipment that is frequently out-of-reach to small or medium-sized companies.

DISC Capabilities

DISC at Zephyr is a 1150 sqm facility, which provides access to equipment and expertise to help UK companies accelerate the development of new products and services. It includes flexible laboratory and design areas, clean rooms, a vibration table, a thermal oven, and a wide range of other high-tech equipment.

  • Near Field Antenna Test Range

  • The Near-Field Range for full antenna characterisation offers further leverage through emulation for full spectrum simulation. Find out more >>

  • Far Field Antenna Test Range

  • The Far Field Antenna Test Range is part of the DISC facility and offers a 400-metre test range for satellite communications antenna. Find out more >>

  • Compact Antenna Test Range

  • Our Compact Antenna Test Range facility is particularly suitable for the dynamic over-the-air performance testing of electronically steerable antennas and terminals. Find out more >>

  • Clean Rooms

  • We have four 36 sqm ISO 7 Clean Rooms available for hire – all fully equipped with standard electrical supplies, electro-static discharge tables, and ESD flooring, compressed clean air lines, and wi-fi. Clean rooms are available to rent for periods of as little as a month (subject to availability). Find out more >>

  • Lab Space

  • We have two dedicated lab spaces each with ESD flooring and tables. Lab 1 is 39 m2 while Lab 2 is 18 m2.

  • Design Space

  • Within the facility we have a flexible lab and design space of approximately 136m2.

  • Vibration Table

  • Our Vibration Table gives you confidence in your product’s reliability with a Sine and Random force of 22kN. Our experts are on hand to support with each stage of your product’s development. Find out more >>

  • Environmental Chamber

  • As part of our DISC facility we offer an Environmental Testing capability – with a 1076 litre capacity and a Temperature range -75°C to 180°C. Find out more >>


    Radio Frequency Equipment

    • R&S® SMW200A Vector Signal Generator
    • R&S® FSW50 Signal Analyser
    • R&S® ZNB40 Vector Network Analyser
    • Keysight FieldFox Handheld Microwave Test System
    • Keysight Technologies PROPSIM Channel Emulator F8B4CH-C80

    Digital Test Equipment

    The DISC program allows access to two instruments for digital traffic generation and analysis.

    Xena Valkyrie Bay – Modular Ethernet Layer 2-3 Traffic Generator and Analyser

    • High density 12 slot 4U test chassis.
    • Testing network devices under error, stress and random conditions.
    • Generate traffic loads representing tens of thousands of users.
    • Includes packet Generator Analyzer software.

    Xena Vulcan Bay – Stateful Traffic Generator and Analyser

    • Stateful TCP traffic load generation – 28 million TCP connections
    • High throughput of TLS encrypted traffic.
    • Supports 1/2.5/5/10/25/40 GE optical or copper Ethernet interfaces for L4-7 .
    • Traffic generation and analysis software.



    SMW200A Signal Generator

    Sailor 250 FB Antenna

    R&S Power Sensor

    Phase/Amplitude Shifters

    PCB inspection station with dome light, x10 lense and monitor

    PCB Inspection Camera

    Kurtz Ersa

    High Speed Agilent MSO X 4154A Mixed signal Analyser - Oscilloscope

    FSW 50 Signal and Spectrum Analyser

    Oscilloscope - 4 Ports

    Vector Network Analyser - 4 Ports



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