Deimos Space UK

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“The Catapult has created the ideal environment for Deimos Space UK to grow and gain credibility in the UK market.”


  • Turnover of £1.6m in third year of UK operation.
  • 20 full time staff recruited in 3 years. Established new business relationships with Harwell based organisations e.g. RAL Space, STFC, EOSphere, ExactEarth.
  • Presentations to 3 Government ministers through Catapult led activities.
  • Deimos sponsored 2 interns through the Space Placements in Industry (SPIN) programme supported by the Catapult and UK Space Agency and managed by the Institute for Environmental Analytics.

How has the Catapult helped?

  • Demonstrated Deimos’ capability: Catapult’s Sentinel Data Access Service (SEDAS) uses Deimos ground segment module “archive4EO”.
  • Explored new markets together: Catapult and Deimos worked on a project to reduce risks and costs for the offshore wind farm industry.
  • Opened export opportunities: Catapult and Deimos worked on a UK Space Agency funded project in Mexico, which provided valuable connections. Catapult has enabled meetings with several Embassy, Ministerial and Foreign & Commonwealth Office representatives from across the world.
  • Raised Deimos’ profile: Catapult has offered Deimos opportunities to present at high profile conferences.
  • Connected to potential collaborators: Deimos met EOSphere and Geoger at the monthly Satuccino event. Being part of the Harwell Space Cluster has led to regular liaison with other space companies.

“The Catapult has created the ideal environment for Deimos to grow and gain credibility in the UK market. We have worked together as a supplier and partner and have contracted the Catapult to deliver a business case evaluation for our maritime operations. As part of the Catapult network we attend events and workshops to explore new business opportunities in developing market sectors. They also give us many opportunities to raise our profile both with VIP visitors to Harwell and at major exhibitions and conferences that would normally be out of reach.”

– Michael Lawrence, Business Development Director

Click here to download the full Deimos Impact report.