Clean Rooms & Tents

Location: Harwell Campus, Westcott Space Cluster, and Portable

Across our Harwell and Westcott sites we are pleased to offer a variety of portable and fixed location clean rooms.

These are available at competitive rates designed to make these facilities more accessible to the industry, for periods of as little as a month (subject to availability).

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ISO 7 Clean Rooms

Zephyr Building, Harwell, Oxfordshire

At the end of 2019 we opened an expansion to our DISC capabilities, a new 1150 sqm facility which provides access to equipment and expertise to help UK companies accelerate the development of new products and services. It includes flexible laboratory and design areas, clean rooms, a vibration table, a thermal oven, and a wide range of other high-tech equipment.

Our 36 square metre ISO 7 Clean Rooms filter the air over 50 times per hour via HEPA filters that are capable of filtering out particles of >0.3um and are all fully equipped with standard electrical supplies, electro-static discharge tables, and ESD flooring, compressed clean air lines, and wi-fi.


Portable Facilities

ISO 5 Clean Tent

Footprint: 6.1m x 3.65m x 2.15m (h) including 1.2m x 3.65m gowning areas, leaving a workspace of 4.9m x 3.65m.

Complete with; 2 x fan filter units, 600mm x 1200mm air box, 230 vac 50hz centrifugal fan, 2 x H14 final HEPA filters, 2 x G4 pre-filters, variable speed controller.

These Clean Rooms can be dismantled and reassembled in the location of your choice – an economical way to test and develop your process or product.

ISO 7 Clean Rooms

Footprint: 3m x 5m x 2.1m (h) including 1m x 3m gowning area.

Complete with; 2x ULPA fan filters, 0200mm surface mounted LED downlights.



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