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Agri Living Lab

Combining space and agricultural expertise for the UK to become the global leader in connectivity enabled agriculture and supply chain research, products, and services.


The Agri Living Lab

The Agri Living Lab is a real-world testing environment that supports organisations to innovate, co-create, demonstrate, and deliver solutions that address global agri-food challenges. By combining space and agricultural expertise with pioneering connectivity and sensor technologies, user-centric design, and business support, the Agri Living Lab brings together agri-food stakeholders (the problem owners) and technology providers (problem solvers) to create sector-wide solutions.

The Satellite Applications Catapult and Harper Adams University formed the first Agri Living Labs at Westcott Space Cluster in Buckinghamshire and Harper Adams in Shropshire.


What does that mean?

The Living Lab is a space for collaboration. It is a physical place for the Agri-food community to discuss challenges it is facing, and to meet with satellite technology experts to co-design and co-create solutions that address these challenges.

The Living Lab follows a “hub and satellite” model that provides the infrastructure and ecosystem for the research, development, testing and demonstration of satellite-enabled agricultural applications. It is an innovative, physical location that provides you with the opportunity to pilot solutions such as cutting-edge robotics, secure support to scale your business, or seek partnerships to develop new products and services. The Agri Living Lab is also a concept that can be applied to virtual settings or brought to your location.




Discovery. Co-design. Prototype. Iterate. Commercialise. Scale and grow.

Whatever stage your business is at, the Agri Living Lab can help. You might have a piece of technology and are looking for applications; you may need help accessing funding to build a prototype; or you might need access to potential users to test and pilot your technology/service.

We connect problem solvers with problem owners. Thanks to our partnership with Harper Adams University and network of government, academic, and commercial organisations, the Agri Living Lab is uniquely positioned to identify markets, connecting you to the end-users. We provide the most beneficial and cost-effective route to expand your business using satellite technology.


The Agri Living Lab gives you access to world-class connectivity facilities through the Westcott Future Network Development Centre (FNDC). At the FNCD, you can access our private standalone 5G network and satellite communications to test the resilience and robustness of your connections on site.

The FNDC is an open and accessible UK test centre for all ITU Primitives, providing total standardised COTS testing facilities. To find out more about the connectivity available on-site, head to



Develop technology tailored to your needs.

The Agri Living Lab puts you on the frontline of research and development, and connects you with technology providers to explore ways to overcome the challenges you face; co-create solutions; test out innovative technologies; and demonstrate that these benefit farmers and organisations along the supply chain.

Where is the Agri Living Lab? 

We are developing a network of Agri Living Labs across the UK to transform the use of satellite communications and applications across the agriculture and food and drink sectors.

The Agri Living Lab’s first official partnership is with Harper Adams University.

Customers to the Agri Living Lab have access to agricultural innovation and connectivity environments, as well as business, market, design, and technology expertise to support product and service design and development. This includes access to, and development of, connectivity-enabled applications and innovations at the Satellite Applications Catapult’s other facilities at Westcott Venture Park, and practical application of this innovation for precision agriculture at Harper Adams University.


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Sonia Pietosi

Business Development Agriculture Lead

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