Location: Westcott, Buckinghamshire

The IOSM Yard is a state-of-the-art facility for testing close-proximity operations and in-orbit servicing technologies. The facility provides users with a dynamic platform to validate their technologies prior to launch using robotic equipment to simulate a microgravity environment.

One robot is fixed to the floor and the second robot is mounted on a 17m travel track, allowing for simulation of approach and docking manoeuvres with large payloads (up to 120 kg). With tracking systems and advanced motion control, the system can achieve high levels of accuracy and repeatability allowing representative mission testing to be carried out.

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Specifications and capabilities include:

Floor mounted 120kg payload/2.7m reach

Track mounted 120kg payload/2.7m reach

Track ~17m servo driven

Collaborative robot (10kg) & end effector

Motion Capture & Real-Time Feedback

HD Projector and High Intensity Light Source

Force/Torque sensors

End Effectors (space craft mock-up, CubeSat chassis)

ROS Programming and Simulation Environment

Digital Twin with VR Headset and Direct Robot Programming via VR headset

Dedicated Control & Server Rooms


Technologies that could be validated on the system include guidance sensors & software, docking mechanisms and servicing robots.

Located at Westcott Venture Park, the capabilities of the IOSM facility means you can test your products for space without having to leave Earth. The Catapult’s IOSM team is leading our In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing capabilities with experts in the areas of robotics manufacturing, in-orbit operations, and much more.

We are keen to work with you on developing your in-space products, services, and solutions, through our knowledge and experience as well as specialist facilities and equipment.

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