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05/10/2016 - 2:30 pm


05/10/2016 - 4:00 pm

Catapult Updates

Catapult Update 1 – IPP update & Opps page – Ged Start
IPP Malaysia Call: A call for expressions of interest was released from the Satellite Applications Catapult on our opportunities page. 42 Responses were received from the community. The responses were down selected via a panel of technology and business experts. 20 organisations were asked to submit a PQQ from which 13 were chosen for their specialist knowledge of the challenge area, in country experience, proposed solution and the spirit in which they addressed the project. If successful, £5.8m of grant money will go to those organisations, matched by £2.1M of their own money

Other IPP calls: 2 other proposals submitted in South Africa / Ghana, Colombia – 3 SMEs involved in each. If successful: £1.4M of grant funding, £500K of matched funding from the SMEs.

Catapult Update 2 – In-Orbit Demonstration Programme, Florian Deconinck
The In-Orbit Demonstration Programme offers a fast, low-cost space testbed for companies wishing to trial a products or business service from space. Developed by Innovate UK and managed by the Satellite Applications Catapult, IOD offers a range of services and support to help you rapidly launch a CubeSat mission from the ISS within the next 18 months . We aim to define the first of four possible missions by the end of March 2017, so come and speak to us about how your business might be able to benefit from this programme. Innovate UK’s investment in the IOD programme significantly reduces the cost of the mission and the partners are here to support you in accessing investment, finding partners or potential customers – and to support you on every step of the mission from design to integration, launch and operations. If you have an idea for a mission please either email us at iod@sa.catapult.org.uk and you are invited to our Future Opportunities for In-Orbit Demonstration workshop on the 10 November where you can learn more about the IOD Programme and other in-orbit demonstration opportunities.

Catapult Update 3 – Threads, Sam Adlen
Over the next few months we will be rolling out our Threads. Under our programmes, areas like Blue Economy, Intelligent Transport Systems, we are exploring new concepts at a high level to find areas of opportunity for the satellite and user communities. What we are introducing to you now are our Threads.

Once we have found an area where we understand the
• Impact that can have for the community, working with the community, in terms of revenue and jobs
• Outcomes we want to achieve for the community
• Activities we plan to undertake to achieve each of the outcomes

then a thread can be developed. These threads will be the areas we will be directing most of our attention toward. The key is a good hypothesis as to how impact will be delivered and a sensible plan as to how to realise it. As we communicate these plans, it should give you a clearer idea of some of things we are looking to do so that you can align your interest and plans accordingly.

Catapult Update 4 – ESNC and Copernicus Masters competitions update, Kirsten Robinson

The judges of the UK region of the European Satellite Navigation Competition and the Copernicus Masters Sustainable Living Challenge have selected their winners. The ideas have been presented at an International Evaluation Session in Berlin so we now have to keep our fingers crossed for the 25th October when our winners and the names of the overall competition winners are announced at the International Award Ceremony in Madrid. We will let you know the result as soon as possible and come along to the November Satuccino to meet some of the entrants and learn more about the ideas they entered. The 2017 competition round will open next April and we will keep you updated on developments.

Company updates

Company Pitch 1 – Oxford Space Systems , Shefali Sharma and Mike Lawton
OSS sets Space industry record – http://www.oxfordspacesystems.com/#s-news

Company Pitch 2 – Qurus, Lucy Kennedy
Qurus now has a base in the Electron building –http://www.qurus.com/Profile/OurCompany/

Company Pitch 3 – Canaria, Alex Moss
Working on developing a wearable/unobtrusive vital signs monitor. Their prototype was awarded “Best Use of Hardware 2016” by NASA. They are looking for people to join their team, especially those with an ability to interpret data. www.canaria.co.uk

Company Pitch 4 – GrantTree, Will Cooper
Offering advice and support on grants and funding available for innovation companies. Click here to view their overview.

Other Updates

Cluster Pitch – Innovate UK – Andy Proctor

The first Innovate UK Emerging & Enabling (E&E) competition:

In line with its 5 point plan, InnovateUK is launching another of its sector competitions on the 3rd October. This is the Emerging and Enabling Technologies competition and as an underpinning enabling technology, satellite applications are in scope for this competition specifically. The size of the competition is £15M with individual projects anticipated up to £2M see link for more information and detail about the scope and eligibility: Innovate UK Emerging & Enabling (E&E) competition .

Andy Proctor from the Space Team at Innovate UK will be leading this competition and can provide more details. Both he and Andy German (also from the Space Team Innovate UK) will be at the KTN: Emerging and Enabling Technologies Competition Briefing Event  in London on Friday, if you have booked to attend the event please feel free to connect with either Andy’s who will be happy to discuss in person. Other briefing events will be held in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Manchester and Bristol. The London briefing is also being broadcast as a webinar for those who cannot make the events.

Cluster Pitch – Nick Appleyard, new Head of Applications Department at ESA – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-appleyard-3ba84618

Cluster Pitch – Tony Forsythe, UK Space Agency

Next Satuccino and upcoming events

Next Satuccino: 2 November 2016 – 2.30pm

Please keep an eye on our events page for the most up to date information on upcoming workshops, conferences, etc.


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