SNAP Sentinel-1 Toolbox Course



Satellite Applications Catapult
Electron Building,
Fermi Ave,
OX11 0QR


08/03/2016 - 9:30 am


09/03/2016 - 5:30 pm

In collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) and the University of Surrey, the Satellite Applications Catapult ran a 2-day course about Sentinel-1 and the ESA SNAP-Sentinel-1 Toolbox, at the Catapult offices in Harwell.

The two-day course covered an introduction to SAR theory, the Sentinel-1 mission, Sentinel-1 data and hands-on exercises for processing Sentinel-1 data by employing the ESA SNAP-Sentinel-1 Toolbox GUI, Graph Builder, Batch Processing, and Command Line-Graph Processing Tool.

The material of the course is available for downloading:

  • Sentinel-1 Overview
  • ESA SNAP-Sentinel-1 in a Nutshell
  • Exercise 1 – Single Image Processing: Generation of a geocoded, calibrated (slope normalised), multilooked, despeckled Sigma0 product for both polarisations starting from a Sentinel-1 GRDH_DV image.
  • Exercise 2 – Time series processing: Generation of a geocoded, calibrated, multilooked Sigma0 Time Series from 3 Sentinel-1 GRDH_DV images.
  • Exercise 3 – Generation of a wrapped DInSAR inteferogram of the Chile earthquake happened on the 25th August 2015.
  • Exercise 4 – GPT (Graph processing Tool)

N.B.: The Sentinel-1 data used in the exercises can be downloaded from the ESA Sentinels Scientific Data Hub

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