Sentinel-1 Toolbox Course – Hands on Learning for Remote Sensing Specialists

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In collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Analytics (IEA) and the University of Surrey, the Satellite Applications Catapult will be running a second European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinel-1 Toolkit course on 8-9 March 2016, at the Catapult offices in Harwell.

The first course which took place in January 2016 was a resounding success. Oversubscribed and recommended by 100% of the delegates; the course brought together a cohort of professional remote sensing specialists who could network with their peers and discuss specific Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Sentinel-1 interests.

The two-day course covers SAR theory and hands-on learning using the data. The workshop provides the theory and the practical to understand why certain processes are run, and gives delegates the experience and knowledge that cannot be found online.

Richard Hilton, Head of the Applied Digital Intelligence department at the Catapult said: “The sheer quantity and quality of Earth observation (EO) data available from Sentinel-1 is evolving and expanding the way people use EO information. Providing a course on how to maximise the use of SAR data, is invaluable to many remote sensing professionals, and we are delighted to be able to share our knowledge to help people make the best of the data.”

The training is delivered by Dr Andrea Minchella (Catapult) and Dr Raffaella Guida (University of Surrey).

To find out more about the course or to register, please visit