Bonus: Westcott Expo 2022 – Integrating Drone Aircraft into National Airspace


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This is the final episode in our three-week mini-series sharing live panel sessions from our Westcott Space Cluster Expo.

The Westcott Space Cluster is a growing nucleus of space-related companies developing new technologies in rocket propulsion, 5G communications, and in-orbit manufacturing to name a few. The site offers unique testing facilities in a secure and controlled environment where sector experts can help businesses to identify and benefit from the opportunities in these emerging fields.

The Expo, hosted in July this year, was a celebration and showcase of the organisations developing these next-generation technologies and building new opportunities for the UK space industry.

In this episode we’re sharing the Integrating Drone Aircraft into National Airspace panel, discussing the current challenges in operating autonomous systems, requirements for business growth, and what needs to be considered as we move away from segregated airspace.

This episode is introduced by our Chief Operating Officer, Lucy Edge.

The panel is hosted by our Head of Transport, Liam Braeger, and he is joined by Clem Robertson of R4darTech, Richard Ellis of Altitude Angel, Michael Merritt of Skyports, Kieran Arnold of Sat Applications Catapult, Ajay Modha of FlyANRA.


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