About Us

About Us

The Ocean Sustainability Business Unit is part of the Satellite Applications Catapult, a not-for-profit UK innovation and technology company, backed by the UK Government.

We provide independent verification and validation of maritime activity by leveraging vast vessel-centric datasets, advanced computational analysis, and fisheries expertise to provide answers to some of today’s most complex maritime challenges.

With a specialised focus on both coastal and distant-water fishing activity, the Business Unit aims to shift the balance from illegal fishing in favour of fisherman who play by the rules, which in turn facilitates the move to more sustainable behaviour.

We provide a detailed understanding of all ocean-related activities by adopting a global view, fusing and analysing data at scale, and providing knowledge to help others understand global and local activities relating to the sea.

Fusing multiple data sources including satellite data allows our computer-based analysis coupled with our specialist fisheries analysts to understand activities in and on the ocean in a timely and effective way. As a result, we offer the only solution which has been specifically designed to work at scale, understand large and varied global data sets relating to the ocean, and provide valuable enforcement-centric insight to the user specifically as it relates to compliance with the many and varied complex laws and regulations associated with the global fishing industry.

It can help companies take responsibility for both environmental sustainability and social aspects of their seafood supply chains. This can reduce the risk of negative attention as documented human rights abuses continue to grab headlines and it also provides opportunities to improve brand value with consumers.

Launched in January 2015, the solution as a collaborative project between The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Satellite Applications Catapult, to create a ground-breaking technology platform that will help authorities monitor, detect, and respond to illicit fishing activity across the world’s oceans. Its development is part of Pew’s long-term effort to dramatically reduce illegal fishing around the world, and has been nominated for numerous awards and honours.

The project won the 2016 Blue Marine Foundation / Boat International Ocean Award for a new technology or application that had made the biggest contribution to ocean conservation in the past year, and was runner-up in the Economist Ocean Innovation Challenge 2015. In 2016, the project was also named as part of the US State Department’s Safe Ocean Network (SON), a global initiative aimed at combatting all aspects of illegal fishing through the use of existing and emerging technologies.

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