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Utilising Space to Help Prevent Bowel Cancer – Satellite technology and artificial intelligence can enable thousands more patients to benefit from preventative endoscopy screening.


AID-GI refers to Artificial Intelligence-supported Diagnostics of Gastrointestinal diseases. It is a project designed to decrease the time spent analysing capsule endoscopy videos while improving the quality of the images.

A capsule containing tiny cameras is swallowed by a patient and passes through their gastrointestinal tract, capturing up to 400,000 images which are then transmitted to experts for analysis. It follows on from the Pillcam Pilot project which established that the existing diagnostic data being collected by capsules was not of sufficient quality to be accurately analysed by Machine Learning and AI systems.

Project partners working alongside the Catapult include Highlands and Islands Enterprise, NHS Highland, Medilogik Limited, Wolfram, NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit, the University of Barcelona, the University Hospital Val d’Hebron in Barcelona and Corporate Health International, who are leading the project.

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