ESNC Finalist: actiGo

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This piece was written by the actiGo team, one of the finalists for the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) UK Challenge.

In today’s fast-paced society, people are leading increasingly hectic urban lifestyles. Chaotic schedules, the monotony of routine or the difficulty of locating a nearby and convenient activity often results in health and well-being suffering. It is all too easy to sacrifice staying active, which as well as leading to a myriad of physical health risks also has a direct impact on mental health. In our native city of Glasgow, this contributes to the so-called ‘Glasgow effect’- a vicious cycle facilitating low life expectancy and poor health of its residents. Upon learning of the ‘Glasgow effect’, we felt compelled to combat the problem. To do so, we created our solution: ‘actiGo’.

‘actiGo’ is an app-based digital market that connects consumers and coaches, empowering consumers to tailor their own fitness schedules, meaning the days of a monthly gym membership fee that is used once a month are gone. Users can locate nearby and relevant fitness activities and classes that fit their schedules rather than being dictated by a set timetable, leading to greater participation and motivation. As well as the physical and mental benefits actiGo facilitates, it also offers a social aspect, making it suitable for fitness fanatics or a casual user looking to try something new.

Users can develop their own fitness profile in order to connect with like-minded people and receive rewards and discounts. The anonymous feedback system moderates coaches and ensures a high quality activity. Fully transparent coaches’ profiles and consumer reviews aid new and potential clients in selecting an activity, while the digital registration and payment platform ensures easy financial management for the coaches.

Coaches are able to develop their professional profile and expand their client base, listing class times, fees, qualifications and awards. The flexibility and convenience offered by actiGo makes it a powerful tool in improving the health and fitness market, benefiting both consumers and independent coaches.

The idea for actiGo stemmed from success at the Strathclyde Enterprise Pathway competition in February 2018 hosted by Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network (SEN). Five students from the University of Strathclyde with backgrounds in Pharmacy, Business Management and Engineering collectively worked to disrupt the fitness market dynamic in their native city. After persistent work and refinements, the team went on to win the overall competition out of 700 participants, and as a reward enjoyed lunch with Sir Tom Hunter, Scotland’s most iconic entrepreneur.

To date, the team has been utilising Scotland’s fantastic start-up support, engaging with Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network, Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway, receiving invaluable advice and resources. The team has completed the RBS Pre-Accelerator programme and joined Entrepreneurial Scotland in order to further engage in the entrepreneurial community. While actively participating in community interactions, our app development is also in full swing after winning the Lawlor Technologies’ competition for outstanding app idea. Recently, we placed third in the European Satellite Navigation Competition, and hope to utilise their resources and assistance in developing actiGo’s geographical features.

With our progress to date, we have high hopes for actiGo and look forward to the future where we hope to provide flexible fitness for all; anytime, anywhere.

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