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Excelerate offer integrated connectivity solutions across a range of markets. This includes the healthcare industry. Nicola Savage, Group Marketing Director at Excelerate, spoke at the Healthy Living Lab in Westcott on the 24th of March 2021 to explain the proven capabilities of Excelerate’s technology and the potential for improving connectivity within the Healthcare system. In this blog, Nicola explains the applications of 5G and how it will be used to transform how we work. 

-         John Vesey, Health Business Manager 

In today’s world, many of us use apps, cloud-based services and rely heavily on the internet. We are also more mobile, working remotely from fixed based locations. Excelerate specialises in connectivity challenged mobile environments, providing a range of vehicle and portable based connectivity hubs to overcome a variety of challenges, delivering effective services and improving the reliability of real-time data transfer. 

We ensure our products are simple to use – taking the ‘iPhone approach’ by making complex technology solutions easy to use and operate.   

We have been delivering Hybrid Connectivity solutions for nearly 20 years, enabling seamless connectivity across multiple bearers. Often our role as a specialist systems integrator is to develop the technology into a reliable and usable package for a specific user or market requirement.  

One area we are committed to supporting is the healthcare industry. We are delivering improved reliability onboard vehicles for telemedicine/consultation projects globally, enabling access to effective care for patients remotely in addition to live data and video links. Potential users of this technology are specialist adult patient care transfer units, ambulance trusts, and first response services. Products supporting these programmes include Excell, our 4G optimisation antenna and flat-panel satellite technology which are fully integrated, which seamlessly connect across the multiple bearers as part of a vehicle-based connectivity eco-system.  

The Excelerate LINX hub provides a secure, portable Wi-Fi hotspot that can be carried anywhere. This is already being used by care professionals, providing a secure, connected tool kit for linking to diagnostic sensors, applications, and the ability to link directly to other clinical leads and care pathways. 

Our technology aims to benefit patients within the healthcare system by connecting medical teams and care professionals to the technology, applications, and solutions needed to provide an integrated approach to improve patient care and outcomes. Excelerate is already participating in a number of trials and proof of concept projects to deliver the benefits of 5G technology. 5G networks using a blend of cellular, satellite and wireless are going to transform how society, and every device it uses, communicates over the next 10 years, with the large proportion of global connectivity ‘not spots’ becoming a thing of the past. 

Working together with both end-users and industry partners, we are supporting improved connectivity, access to smart and connected applications, and utilising technology to support the ambitions for ubiquitous connectivity. 

5G and ubiquitous hybrid connectivity will be necessary to enable fully functioning and safe autonomous vehicles in the future. This offers the potential for a self-driving ambulance that could free both paramedics to care for a patient on the way to the hospital, not to mention the scope for remote telemetry and diagnostics by specialist consultants via direct high-definition video links to hospitals. 

I believe what we do enables the improvement of connectivity in the UK’s healthcare system. It underpins the connection of current and future devices and applications, whether this is diagnostic sensors or access to a tablet with the applications that care professionals need. We integrate and package technology in a way that makes it simple to use across any landscape or environment (vehicle and portable) and allows our users to take their network with them without geographical or coverage constraints.  

We take a technology and network agnostic approach which improves the reliability, effectiveness and options when determining solutions that can work across any of the care professions and pathways.  

The Satellite Applications Catapult’s Healthy Living Lab methodology has helped to develop our solution through collaboration and by supporting engagement across key stakeholders and groups. This supports our ethos and ensures that solutions are developed or tailored to meet and address the specific needs of this market. Our participation in the MK:5G project has supported further engagement and collaboration with partners and end user organisations who are embarking on their digital transformation journey. 

Nicola Savage, Group Marketing Director, Excelerate 

To find out more or to get in touch, please use the following link: https://www.excelerate-group.com/