Event Follow Up: Opportunities for UK Satellite and Technology Organisations Across Brazilian Agriculture.

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On the 30 April, the Satellite Applications Catapult, in partnership with the British Embassy and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office in Brazil, along with Embrapa, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Organisation, hosted a bilateral event to address the opportunities for UK businesses in Agriculture in Brazil.

Embrapa is the largest and most respected agricultural research organisation in Latin America, it is responsible for a large number of important research programmes leading to essential real-world applications for the improvement of agriculture in the region. Currently commercial organisations are involved in about 5% of those programmes, Embrapa has a target to increase that to 40%, and that presents a valuable opportunity for collaboration between Embrapa and UK organisations.

The Satellite Applications Catapult is a technology and innovation company specialising in satellite -based services. We work with businesses in the UK that are seeking to explore the possibilities and growth potential of the space sector. As an impartial trusted advisor, we support organisations seeking to research and develop solutions through collaborative projects. These projects have a discovery phase where our experts can uncover the challenges and work with companies through to solution. We have relationships with third parties in the UK and internationally who can bring in expertise, create connections and take development opportunities further.

The bilateral event, which forms part of our wider Pipeline Stimulation Programme, was designed to showcase opportunities, increase collaboration and strengthen cooperation between the UK and Brazilian agricultural organisations.

The event followed a series of three workshops, each of which focused on the challenges faced by Embrapa in key thematic areas:

  1. The Environment
    • Land Mapping: Creating A Baseline for Achieving Sustainability
    • Carbon Quantification: Assessing Brazil’s Carbon Budget in Multiple Applications
    • Monitoring of Degradation and Pollution: Enabling Remedial Action
  2. Satellite Monitoring and Geospatial Intelligence
    • Farm Management: Use of Remote Monitoring for Farm Management
    • Detection and Monitoring: Feature Identification
    • Verification of Good Practice: Potentially Enabling Payment for Compliance with Regulations and Good Environmental Practice
  3. Informatics
    • Traceability: Verification of Food Origin & Biofuel Certification
    • Family Farm Support: Enabling Small Farmers to Adopt Technology
    • Herd Management: Monitoring of Animals

Experts from Embrapa and the Satellite Applications Catapult discussed topics of interest, followed by demonstrations of UK capability to address those challenges. Organisations included:

Seventy-four organisations and over 90 attendees from Brazil and the United Kingdom attended the event.

More Information:

If you would like to know more about the opportunities arising from the event, or would like to explore the potential for future collaboration between the UK and Brazil, please contact: agriculture@sa.catapult.org.uk