Is Rize (Turkey) really at risk of collapse?

Cristian Rossi
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Catapult Co-Authors: Esra Erten, Cristian Rossi & Terri Freemantle

Rize, a city with about a hundred thousand inhabitants on the Black Sea coast in the north-east of Turkey, has been reported on the 21st of February 2018 to be at high risk of collapse. For this reason, the local municipality and the government are planning radical solutions such as the relocation of the entire town centre in another place. Subsidence is occurring since the city centre has been built on artificial ground reclaimed to the sea in the 1960. Since then, many multi-floors buildings have been built despite the original planning that was forecasting a maximum of three floors per building. Moreover, the foundations of many buildings, below water level, are reported to be damaged.

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