Ecosystems for the Future: Harnessing Space Technology for Sustainable Land Use

11th November 10.45am
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  • This session will consider the vital role played by satellite data in monitoring changes and providing actionable insights for the natural environment.
  • We will hear from innovative businesses, Government and NGO representatives on how they are working to use evidence from space to improve climate-change adaptation and mitigation.
  • We will consider the food system, global supply chains and nature-positive solutions to current land use challenges in response to global population growth.

One of today’s most pressing climate questions for businesses, civil society, and governments alike is ensuring more sustainable and efficient land use. This transformation calls for the protection, restoration, and management of natural ecosystems in close collaboration with the communities on the frontlines of climate change. For example, ecosystem-based approaches can help boost resilience of smallholder farms through alternative agroforestry methods that simultaneously protect the environment.

But more data is needed to ensure these solutions are deployed effectively and decision makers urgently need to know how they can best use innovative approaches in the race to net-zero emissions and stop further global temperature increases. Satellites and remote sensing can play an important role in monitoring changes in the natural environment and can effectively help inform evidence-based targets and decision-making for climate change adaptation and mitigation, including in the food system.

This event, hosted by the Satellite Applications Catapult in partnership with Devex, will look at the opportunities for using geospatial technology and data in supporting evidence-based decision making for sustainable land use. It will also explore the role of businesses more broadly and their role in advancing nature-centred approaches – including their role in protecting, restoring, and managing the natural ecosystems they work in.

  • Moderator: Rebecca Root, Reporter and Editorial Associate, Devex
  • Fireside chat with Stuart Martin, CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Panel discussion with:
    • Allister Furey, Co-founder and CEO, Sylvera
    • Crystal Davis, Director, Global Forest Watch, World Resources Institute
    • Racquel Moses, CEO of Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator and U.N. Global Ambassador in the Race to Zero
  • Fireside chat with Lucy Almond, Nature 4 Climate
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