Investor Launchpad Webinars

18 July
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Have you ever thought about bringing your space-based organisation to the UK?

This webinar will help you get started on your journey to the UK! By joining, you can get answers quickly, ask questions to top UK agencies and organisations in the space sector, receive first-hand advice, and get connected with top stakeholders.

During the event, you will hear why the UK is the best place to start or grow your space business and gain insight into the UK’s top space capabilities focused in the areas of:

  • Space Manufacturing
  • Space Science
  • Spaceflight and Habitation
  • Space Sustainability
  • Connectivity and PNT
  • Earth and Climate Intelligence

The webinar is followed by 1 hour of networking in breakout rooms where you will be able to directly connect with members of Catapult, DBT, UKSA, UK Space Cluster Managers, and other organisations that have migrated to the UK.

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity, register now!

Please note: The webinar has 2 sessions with the same content, so please only register for one.

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