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September Satuccino


Thank you to everyone who attended the September Satuccino. We hope you had a good afternoon of networking over a coffee. Please see below for information on all of the pitches, funding and events mentioned at the event.

Catapult Update

  1. Tom Jones, Earth Observation Specialist

The launch of the various Sentinel satellites by the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of the European Commission’s Copernicus Programme is generating ever-increasing interest and therefore user requirements across government and different market sectors. However, there remain barriers to realising the potential use of this data as a routine input to value added service and product generation. Technical complexities and specialisms associated with the handling and manipulation of the data remain, alongside a lack of standardisation of the form in which the data should be made available. To allow immediate analysis of the data without additional user effort, these barriers need to be addressed.

Through a collaboration between the Satellite Applications Catapult (Catapult), Aberystwyth University, and the Defra Earth Observation Centre of Excellence (EOCoE) represented by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), the Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data (ARD) project has created a series of recommendations designed to ensure that UK users across government and industry can maximise routine exploitation of Sentinel-2 data. These recommendations focus on the requirements for the processing of Sentinel-2 data to a new defined standard termed ARD, the creation of an open toolset for implementing the generation of Sentinel-2 ARD products, and the generation of a Sentinel-2 ARD data set for the UK covering the full Sentinel-2 acquisition campaign up to June 2017. This project ensures continued UK contribution to wider international community efforts to develop standards and methods of EO data access.

The final project workshop will be held on Friday 15 September, and more information can be found here.

  1. SME Growth Challenge Programme

The Satellite Applications Catapult recently announced the two companies awarded Catapult sponsorship, to take part in the SME Growth Challenge Programme, run by the Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre, at the University of Cambridge.

The SME Growth Challenge Competition uses the latest thinking in business management and draws on its wealth of experience in supporting growing firms, understanding both the common and unique challenges they face, and helping them to realise their potential through a bespoke approach.

The CEOs will join the Start-up programme on 21 September 2017, and take part in a series of six one-day workshops, addressing the challenges of financing, marketing strategy and tactics, understanding a competitive landscape and defining your current business model.

  • Open Cosmos
    Rafel Jorda Siquier, CEO, Open Cosmos said, “Scaling a company is tough. Open Cosmos has been doubling its size every six months over the last two years and winning the SME Growth Challenge now, will allow us to continue improving, learning from others and staying a step ahead of the risks and challenge intrinsic to growth.”
  • e2E
    Barry Ross, CEO, e2E, said, “I am delighted to have secured valuable business and management training in support of its ambitious organisational expansion plan which is focused on making satellite communications more affordable to enterprises by 2020”.

Company Updates

  1. Liv Carroll, Accenture

Liv Carroll is a Senior Manager with Accenture based in London. She is a Chartered Geologist with a background in mineral project appraisal and investment due diligence and 16 years’ experience consulting in extractive industries. Focussed on Digital Transformation in Mining, Liv supports the strategy development and implementation of digital initiatives across operations to generate insights to enable data driven, value-based decision making. Working with executive and operational teams, this value-based approach builds on digital data capture to provide relevant information and generate timeframe appropriate insights for business process improvements and dynamic operational management.

Combining data from disparate data sources, IoT cloud-based technologies coupled with analytics enable people to integrate operations along the whole mining value chain and adjust to market conditions to realize maximum value. Accenture takes an innovative and agile approach to developing digital capabilities with clients that is technology and software agnostic with a broad ecosystem of partners and alliances to generate the best possible outcome. Results include improved health & safety; additional value capture; increased productivity; optimised efficiencies; diagnosis of pain points; reduced water, energy, emissions and waste; improved environmental impact, maintenance of social licence to operate and knowledge transfer.

  1. Nobu Okada, Astroscale

Astroscale is a company that develops solutions to maintain spaceflight safety. For many years, experts have been warning about risk of cascading collisions in congested orbits, if no actions are taken. New ambitious projects like constellations might threaten the stability of valuable orbits in the next decade so it is vital for the space community to promote systematic spacecraft disposal strategies to existing operators and new entrants.

Astroscale has been developing space debris removal services and debris monitoring technologies. They have raised USD53M and now have 32 team members in Singapore, Japan, and in Harwell. The Harwell office will play key roles in mission licensing, business development, satellite operations as well as R&D.

  1. William Hosack, Orbital Micro Systems

Orbital Micro Systems is stepping out from their roots in Boulder, CO and excited to be joining the Harwell Campus. They are a space systems and data company that specialises in working with commercial and government clients to deliver remote sensing data. OMS is made from a world class team of Earth observation data scientists and engineers with a proven program delivery history that spans forty years of experience that include NASA, NOAA, EUMETSAT, NRL, AFRL and many commercial space and aviation programs.

OMS is preparing to launch its own fleet of atmospheric monitoring satellites that will deliver a global 3D temperature, moisture and precipitation categorization data set every 15 mins. This data set with provide 36x better temporal resolution and 2x the spatial resolution allowing application developers the foundation to create next generation operational decision products in ways that have never been possible before!

  1. Ivy Grace Piamonte, Grafton Technology

Grafton Technology Ltd have provided support to SMEs and big companies within the space industry for 30 years. They provide guidance from experts for a few days or as long-term consultancy all the way until the end of a programme.

Grafton Technology is well known for their collaborations with various companies in the space industry. Some of their recent projects have been training and guiding a team of young thermal engineers in Turkey, China and Ireland, and their test, system, quality and structure engineers have worked on Galileo, MTG, MSG and EDRS.

  1. Tanya Boardman, Catena Space

Space Sector Training Needs and Opportunities

  • Tuesday 19 September
  • ECSAT, Harwell

Introduction to Space Mission Operations

  • Monday 16 – Friday 20 October
  • Cornwall

Funding Pitches

  1. Maria Kalama, Innovate UK
    The next Emerging & Enabling Call (Round 3) is now open for applications. A number of briefing event are being held in different locations. Click here for more information.
  2. Andy Bennett, KTN

A new website mapping the space industry has been launched. Please visit – http://space.ktnlandscapes.com/ and if you would like to be included, please contact andy.bennett@ktn-uk.org.



  1. Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data: Standards and Automated Production (Part 2)
    • Friday 15 September
    • 10:00 – 16:00
    • Future Cities Catapult, London
  2. Exploring Opportunities in the USA
    • Monday 18 September
    • 10:00 – 15:00
    • Satellite Applications Catapult, Harwell
  3. Space Sector Training Needs and Opportunities
    • Tuesday 19 September
    • ECSAT, Harwell
  4. UKspace SME Forum Space Sector Update
    • Thursday 12 October
    • 14:30 – 17:30
    • techUK, London
  5. Introduction to Space Mission Operations
    • Monday 16 – Friday 20 October
    • Cornwall

New Funding Calls

  1. E&E Round 3 – Innovate UK

The Emerging and enabling technologies programme has 4 priority areas which are:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Digital
  • Enabling capabilities, including electronics, sensors and photonics (ESP), robotics and autonomous systems (RAS), creative economy and design
  • Space applications.

The aim of this competition is to help businesses to innovate in order to find sources of revenue. Briefing events for this call will be held on:

  • 12 September, London
  • 13 September, Cardiff
  • 14 September, Manchester
  • 19 September, Belfast
  • 19 September, Sheffield
  • 21 September, Glasgow
  • 21 September, Exeter
  1. Centre for EO Instrumentation
    The Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation expects to release its Elecenth EO Instrument Technology Call in November 2017, with projects commencing in March 2018. The total budget available from UK Space Agency for the Call will be up to £3.6M, with additional PV funds required from industrial bidders.The primary aim will be to solicit proposals for flagship projects to advance world-leading UK EO technologies for future operational or commercial missions, with a particular interes in technologies for export. Successful propsals will have identified flight opportunities in the short to medium term, where targeted investment will significantly improve the likelihood of adoption of the technology bt the mission(s). Proposals will need to be aligned to the EO Technology Strategy, to be issued by CEOI in the autumn.The Call will be issues on behalf of the UK Space Agency by the CEOI Partners, who will also manage the selected projects on behalf of the Agency. Full details of the Call will be available in November.
  2. Rothamstead Research – Newton Fund
    • Agritech in China: Newton Network + (ATCNN)
    • Call for funding open
    • Applications invited for small project awards
    • Application deadline is 17:00 (BST) on Friday 15 September

Coffee Morning Dates

Come and catch up with your colleagues and find out what they have been up to at our coffee mornings every other Wednesday at 11:00, in the Catapult kitchen. Each coffee morning will feature a company update as highlighted below.

  • Wednesday 13 September – Open Cosmos (TBC)
  • Wednesday 27 September – Catapult Explore Tech Project
  • Wednesday 11 October – Agrilitix
  • Wednesday 25 October – Catapult EASOS Project
  • Wednesday 8 November – Terrabotix
  • Wednesday 22 November – Qurus Europe / Spottit
  • Wednesday 13 December – Engineering Space Businesses (TBC)

Next Satuccino

The next Satuccino will be on Wednesday 4 October. Click here to register and come and celebrate Satuccino’s 4th birthday with us!

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