UK-Turkey Collaboration Showcase Event

27 February
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The Satellite Applications Catapult would like to invite you to a showcase event at our Agri Space Living Lab in Westcott Space Park in Buckinghamshire on 27 February 2023. Under the FCDO Funded project “Strengthening UK-Turkey collaboration in agritech R&D, through development towards a ‘Living Lab’ Programme in Izmir, Türkiye”, you will have the opportunity to meet delegates from the Izmir Agricultural Technology Centre and discover the opportunities for space-enabled agritech in Turkey.

Agriculture in Turkey

  • Largest agricultural economy in Europe and 10th largest in the world ($50 b agricultural production)
  • 2.8 m agricultural holdings, 14 k trade bodies and cooperatives, 40 m ha of arable land
  • Large domestic market with 84 m consumers, stepping stone to MENA and Central Asia
  • Foreign trade volume of $36 b, of which $15 b is imports

Agriculture in Izmir

  • Agricultural Area: 3.3 Million Decare# of Agricultural Enterprises: 155k
  • Agricultural Production Value: 18 Billion TL
  • Agriculture Based Export: 3.2 Billion $


Westcott Venture Park – Satellite Applications Catapult, Unit B, Building 4000 Ashendon Road, Aylesbury, HP18 0XB

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