Compact Antenna Test Range

Location: Harwell

Our Compact Antenna Test Range facility is particularly suitable for the dynamic over-the-air performance testing of electronically steerable antennas and terminals for Satcoms or 5G applications in the frequency range 10GHz to 31GHz.

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Key Specifications:
  • Chamber dimensions: 1803mm (L) x 1570mm (W) x 2002mm (H)
  • Frequency range: 10GHz to 31GHz
  • Quiet Zone: up to 42cm
  • Serrated reflector with dimensions 1020mm x 1020mm
  • Polarisation: Circular & Linear (10GHz to 15GHz) / Circular (17GHz to 31GHz)
  • Azimuth / Elevation positioner for the Device-Under-Test with maximum speed 30deg/sec in both axes
  • Integrated with Rohde & Schwarz 4-port ZNB40 Vector Network Analyser, SMW200A Vector Signal Generator and FSW50 Signal & Spectrum Analyser
  • Capability to perform simultaneous co-pol and cross-pol measurements
  • Capability to perform simultaneous transmit and receive measurements

Typical Use Cases

Antenna radiation pattern amplitude, phase and gain measurements.

Dynamic over-the-air functional testing of antenna beam pointing and tracking to satellite / base-station while the Device-Under-Test is moving along an arbitrary azimuth / elevation trajectory.

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