Operations Centre (IOSCC)

Location: Harwell Campus

If you’re planning a satellite mission, the Operations Centre at the Catapult offers cost-effective support for satellite flight operations.

The Operations Centre provides the UK with its own dedicated mission control centre for hosting a variety of in-orbit servicing missions. Having hosted Astroscale’s ground breaking active debris removal (ADR) mission, ELSA-D along with a variety of other missions including the TechDemoSat (TDS) satellites, Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC), and European and UK bilateral missions.

Flight Operations Segment

The Flight Operations Segment (FOS) can operate standard Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) compliant spacecraft, as well as low cost platforms produced by key industry players. The FOS is proven for end-to-end operations and is generic and multi-mission in its functionality. Its objective is to minimise the amount of effort needed to customise it for a specific mission. By using appropriate automated systems, the FOS can achieve a cost-effective operations approach that will mirror that of many commercial operations.

The Operations Centre offers the:

  • Ability to monitor and control CCSDS-compliant missions.

  • Interface to connect to SLE compliant ground stations.

  • Capability to download, process, archive, and disseminate payload data and products.

  • Using our Operations Centre means that proven software components can be used for future missions but can be designed to optimise customisations required for new missions. It also has a virtualised service and thin client environment for flexibility in operations and scalability for multiple missions.

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