A report in collaboration with Springwise

Prior to the major advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies that are now integrated with
Geospatial Innovation, satellite data was difficult to come by. Images were attainable mainly to those working on Government funded projects. Others who wanted to use the data had to purchase it, and it was not cheap.

This lack of access limited the usefulness of geospatial technology and Earth Observation. But the further we get into the new millennium, more satellites are operating, collecting much more data, and the access to the data is increasing.

How can the integration of geospatial data into business processes make operations more effective and enable the creation of new products? Find out about the rapid advancement of EO in our ‘Geospatial Innovation in 2020’ report

Our team discusses how GI is used across key industries, important challenges and opportunities, and the innovations driving new trends and changes for the future.

Our broad knowledge of geospatial data and technologies ensures that we are able to offer support and advice to businesses across all industries so that the exciting opportunities for geospatial technologies to make a difference can be maximised.

Peter Beaumont