Relaunches with Improved Resources for Space Sector Candidates and Employers

Share this page, the UK’s go-to resource for space sector career information and opportunities, has recently relaunched following a year of redevelopment, to offer an improved experience for both candidates seeking jobs and employers advertising positions.

The website was originally created in 2015 by UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UKSEDS) volunteers, Joseph Dudley and Portia Bowman, and was quickly recognised by the Prime Minister at the time as “a crucial service to thousands of people across the country that want to learn more about careers in the space industry“.

The revamped service was redesigned with inputs and support from organisations across the sector, including the Satellite Applications Catapult. It now offers enhanced resources for those considering a career in space and wanting to know more about it, and a customised experience for all space sector enthusiasts and employers looking to find or advertise all types of opportunities. The website and team will also gather unique insights into skills and recruitment in the sector.

“ is a one-of-a-kind resource that has helped many people find their career in the space sector. I’m delighted to see the new website and expanded service which will play a large part in supporting the skills and recruitment challenges of the sector.” said Kathie Bowden, Skills Manager at Satellite Applications Catapult.

With this relaunch, also aims to better address the lack of awareness and false perceptions of careers in the space sector, including the huge availability of careers outside of STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – fields, as well as offer increased support for career changers and those looking to progress their career within the sector.

Over the last seven years, we’ve worked with over 400 organisations and reached over 600,000 people, continuing to grow alongside the booming space sector which itself has more than doubled in size in this time, now comprising almost 1600 organisations and over 48,000 employees,” stated Jacob Smith, one of the new Directors. is working to directly support the UK’s National Space Strategy in “building one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world“, in tandem with UKSEDS’ aims to improve equality and diversity across the space sector and supporting employers in implementing best practices when it comes to hiring processes.

Now set-up as a not-for-profit organisation, will continue to work in close partnership with UKSEDS. The joint volunteer team has grown to 20 volunteers and is actively recruiting to continually improve its offering.

Whether you need guidance in the space sector or seek colleagues who share your ambition and can help in your company’s mission, continues to be the perfect destination.

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