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Catapult Satellite Applications

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Catapult Satellite Applications

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//Geospatial Intelligence

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"Welcome to the GI Directorate web-page, a place where you can find out more about the Catapult’s activities across all aspects of geospatial intelligence. The Catapult sits in a unique position in the geospatial community, being a not-for profit research and innovation centre, with substantial and unique capabilities to support businesses. We provide access to specialist skills and data and work closely with the science base, government and industry to grow the space economy in the UK."

Peter Beaumont, Director of Geospatial Intelligence

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Why Geospatial Intelligence?
Why Geospatial Intelligence?

Why Geospatial Intelligence?

Geospatial Intelligence pulls together two trends driving the global opportunity for the satellite applications sector – the embedding of satellite into a fully integrated knowledge system assimilating all kinds of geospatial and other “big data”; and the addition of state of the art computing techniques, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The topic continues to grow as a main focus of the Catapult, due to the ever-increasing demand for accurate, personalised and increasingly, real-time geographically-based information. Our GI capabilities are implemented across all our other key market areas, as well as in their own right, to develop new technologies and solutions for the GI market.

The Geospatial Intelligence team comprises Earth observation data, software and systems experts, and specialists in exploiting AI and machine learning who together  understand how to turn these data into valuable information. GI gives us the opportunity to bring new computing technologies and methods to both satellite and other data sources, to create innovative products and services for UK companies to exploit.

Our Focus Areas

Our activities are currently focused around these areas

Data Access

Earth observation (EO) data is used, analysed and developed by our experts alongside other data sources, such as drone or historic map data. The combined use of these data sources allows for advanced solution and application development, in order to create optimum services and products. As well as developing solutions, our experts provide advice to organisations new to the sector, or with less experience.

Advanced Analytics

Converting data into visual representations and usable information allows us to demonstrate the possibilities to organisations, showing the value that satellite data can add by using real examples. This is vital to organisations or market sectors not already benefiting from using Earth observation, in order to encourage the uptake of these data sources.



Earth and Sea Observation System

EASOS is a platform designed to provide high value decision support to tackle country specific environmental, security, and human challenges. Through its intelligent way of fusing data from terrestrial and satellite sources, EASOS provides knowledge on a wide variety of topics to different government departments on a local, regional, and international scale.

EASOS has a vision to build UK industry and academia's capability for export and to address UN Sustainability Development Goals. It is seeking to expand its capabilities and is constantly looking for suppliers and distributors to help its range of applications grow for the benefit of UK industry.

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