Catapult and exactEarth team up to exploit satellite AIS data

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Up to six months free access to a sample set of exactAIS© for prototyping new services

23 January 2018: The Satellite Applications Catapult has teamed up with exactEarth to make it easier for UK companies to prototype, demonstrate and take to market new applications that exploit satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) data.

AIS is an automatic tracking system used on ships that allows for an exchange of information on marine traffic including vessel position, course, speed and identity. It deploys maritime technical standards developed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Ships engaged on international voyages over 300 gross tonnage, cargo ships over 500 gross tonnage (whether or not engaged on international voyages), and all passenger ships must be fitted with AIS transponders which combine GPS, VHF and data processing technologies.

Satellite AIS tracking involves detecting signals from sensors on satellites in low earth orbit working in tandem with terrestrial systems, extending the range of vessel detection capabilities and making it possible to build a complete picture of vessel activity in remote parts of the world?s seas and oceans.

Canada and UK based exactEarth is a leading provider of satellite AIS data, with the largest number of high performance real time AIS receivers in orbit. Under the proposal that has been drawn up by exactEarth and the Catapult, customers will be able to receive up to six months? free access to a limited sample of exactEarth?s global exactAIS© product for prototyping, demonstration and the development of derived products.

Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult, said: “This collaboration with exactEarth will lower the barrier to smaller businesses wishing to access and experiment with AIS data, with the goal of developing services that benefit the international maritime industry.

“AIS data is already used to support maritime domain awareness, search and rescue, and environmental monitoring applications. There is scope to exploit this rich dataset more widely. For instance, AIS data is at the heart of our spin-out organisation, OceanMind, which is working to increase the sustainability of fishing globally by tracking and analysing vessel activity.”

“Our real time continuous global satellite AIS system is opening up literally an ocean of new application possibilities and we are glad to be able to support the rapidly developing applications community here in the UK through our relationship with the Satellite Applications Catapult” said Peter Mabson, CEO, exactEarth.