Catapult response to UK Space IGS Growth Action Plan

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The Satellite Applications Catapult, an independent technology and innovation company, has highlighted Exports, Regulation, and Regional and Cross-sector Impact as the three most important aspects of the recently published UK Space Innovation and Growth Strategy Space Growth Action Plan (GAP).   In a formal response document, the Catapult – which was launched in April 2013 to help stimulate growth in the UK space sector – said it “is very supportive of the GAP and will work to align itself strongly, where possible, with the identified actions.”   However, it does point out some ambiguities in Recommendation 2 of the Plan, concerning attractiveness of the UK to inward investors. “There is growing evidence that the inward investment community is interpreting the reference to ‘brass plate’ companies and the wording of some of the actions very negatively. It is vital that we don’t alienate this community, which is so vital to our success.”   In line with the Catapult’s own objectives, it is planning to participate in four areas:  

  1. Leading and working with partners, to drive new product and market development for downstream applications of satellites
  2. Contributing, through support to UK companies, to UK export growth, especially in services derived from satellite capability
  3. Creating regional growth across the UK, through the provision of Catapult support, especially to SMEs using satellite capability
  4. Encouraging inward investment in the satellite sector, where that leads to new intellectual property and new jobs in the UK; and supporting the understanding of the effect of the regulatory environment on inward investment and overall economic growth

  Satellite Application Catapult CEO, Stuart Martin, said: “This GAP is a big step forward for the UK’s space sector, building strongly upon the foundation set in 2010 by the original Space IGS. This new plan has been constructed on a deeper analysis of the opportunity, and highlights the challenges ahead for the sector.  It also identifies a new interim goal of an 8% share of the global market by 2020 (which will help us assess our progress), which when all put together represents a new way of working, behind which the entire UK space community must unite to succeed.”    

Download the Catapult Response to the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy 2014-2030