Catapult teams up with Royal College of Art on Knowledge Exchange workshop

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The workshop, which is part of the Catapult’s Knowledge Exchange programme, is the first such direct engagement with the RCA including researchers from visual, product, information experience, innovation designers, and architects. During the week, the 25 participants will work in four teams to uncover and discover potential concepts for using satellite technology to improve life on Earth and beyond.

Satellite Applications Catapult CEO, Stuart Martin, said: “The workshop provides an exciting opportunity to further our relationship with the RCA. Accessing the College’s expertise will generate fresh thinking and ideas around satellite technology and data with a view to developing human-centric concepts. It will also provide a chance to introduce these designers to the satellite industry’s potential.

“We hope that this engagement will help stimulate a dialogue and develop momentum for further research in these areas, potentially influencing research councils and other funders of research.”

Dr Chris McGinley, Senior Research Associate at the RCA, added: “This rapid introductory project challenges our new RCA students to creatively explore the potential for satellite applications to improve people’s lives. We have intriguing briefs, some world-class expertise in place, and will frame it around our people-centred methodology. It’s shaping up to be the beginning of an extremely exciting conversation exploring ‘changed space’.”
During the workshop, students will consider four key areas that could benefit from space and satellite technology: Persistence Surveillance (City Life Signs); Food Provenance (Farm to Fork); Mobility in Cities; and Moon Village (Business in Space). The Catapult will share technical knowledge during the workshop, mentor students, and help to evaluate the exciting outcomes of the research.