First Connected Capability Network Launches to Unite UK Communities Through Space Technology

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Today marks the launch of the first pilot Connected Capability Network (CCN) which aims to unite diverse communities across the UK, enabling them to harness the benefits of satellite data and space technology.

The UK Earth Observation Network for Sustainability (UK-EONS) CCN will advance the reach and impact of space data and technology across the UK with a focus on Earth observation technology for sustainability challenges. UK-EONS will work with stakeholders across space and adjacent sectors, and host engagement events and activities to help catalyse collaboration and investment opportunities.

CCNs have been created by the Satellite Applications Catapult’s National Clusters and Capabilities programme, which has been instrumental in fostering growth within the UK Space Ecosystem since its inception in 2013. They will be run by teams from UK Space Clusters working towards a common goal, and UK-EONS will ultimately be joined by a further three CCNs, with focusses on connectivity and autonomy applications, defence and security, and activity beyond the Earth.

CCNs will contribute to growth in the UK space ecosystem by developing communities to support the delivery of the National Space Strategy, by building links between adjacent sectors and space clusters, by translating research and development into commercial opportunities for the UK space sector and by strengthening community activity throughout the UK.

UK-EONS, is part funded by the Satellite Applications Catapult, led by Space Hub Yorkshire (SHY) and supported by academic and industry partners. A launch event for UK-EONS will be held at the University of Leeds on 18th January 2024.

Nafeesa Dajda, Director for National Capability at the Satellite Applications Catapult commented:

Developing a vibrant UK Space Ecosystem remains a primary focus of the Satellite Applications Catapult. With the launch of the first CCN today, we bring together space industry capabilities from around the UK and create opportunities for people to work together on Earth observation applications. The CCN will foster robust ties between academia and industry, support channels for consistent communication, and offer essential support services along with access to technical expertise.  

The launch of the first CCN is a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to cultivating a thriving and connected UK Space Ecosystem.”

Anna Hogg, Founder of Space Hub Yorkshire, commented:

‘The creation of UK-EONS provides the UK with a fantastic opportunity to lead the world in the monitoring of our planet by satellites and to help mitigate the effects of climate change. Space Hub Yorkshire are proud to lead a UK consortium of world-leading experts in Earth Observation technology and applications to forge a nationwide network of Earth Observation practitioners. UK-EONS will span industry and academia and will act as a catalyst to develop international opportunities and partnerships. Being selected to lead this project is a massive vote of confidence in the work of Space Hub Yorkshire to unlock space for the people and businesses of Yorkshire and in the underlying Earth Observation expertise in our region.’

UK-EONS Partners

The UK Earth Observation Network for Sustainability (UK-EONS) will be led by Space Hub Yorkshire and delivered by a consortium of partners across the Space Cluster and Earth Observation capability communities:

Space Clusters:

  • Arc for Space
  • Space East
  • Cornwall Space Cluster
  • Northern Ireland Space Office
  • Space Wales
  • Harwell Space Cluster
  • Space North East England

Other partners:

  • Tracsis Plc (Compass) Nexus
  • Newcastle University
  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority
  • Yorkshire Universities
  • National Centre for Earth Observation
  • Space Park Leicester
  • SatSense

To find out more, including how to get involved in the Connected Capability Networks, please contact or visit