International Comparison of Approaches to Space Cluster Development

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An independent report prepared for the Satellite Applications Catapult and the UK Space Agency by Red Kite Management Consulting has been published, providing an International Comparison of Approaches to Space Cluster Development.

The report provides an independent review of international space clusters and analyses public support for them with policy learnings to understand factors that have contributed towards their growth. From the results gained, the research then benchmarks the UK’s own performance against these international space clusters and delivers insights into how public policy can be improved upon to sustain the desired growth ambition in the nation’s space clusters.

Previously, research and government facilities were the main drivers of space cluster development. More recently, commercial interest has come into greater focus as the space sector has become increasingly embedded in previously unrelated industries. In many instances, the findings indicate that the success of the UK’s space cluster development is attributable to both factors, as it not only derives benefit from policy, but also from cross-cluster cooperation and regional specialisation.

The report concludes with recommendations for the UK Government to acquire further data to continue with public policies aligned to deliver on economic development in the space sector.

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