​IOD6 HAMMER Mission: The Countdown Has Started

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IOD6, or HAMMER, is our latest In-Orbit Demonstrator satellite developed in conjunction with Open Cosmos and it is scheduled to launch on Monday 4 March. 

Once deployed in Low Earth Orbit at an altitude of just over 500km, the IOD6 HAMMER satellite will help monitor the north Atlantic Ocean, providing data for analysis of environmental conditions and the marine traffic operating in the region.  

This small, 6U CubeSat is packed with innovation. Although it’s only about the size of a household inkjet printer, it has high-resolution, hyperspectral imaging (that can detect the composition of the Earth’s surface and the air at down to sea level). It has onboard AI to assist with tasking the satellite more efficiently, and inter-satellite communications to enable near real-time access to the satellites observations. This means that, if needed, IOD6 HAMMER could be used to assist with marine rescue or disaster response. 

You can check the launch status here.