Paul Febvre Steps Down as Chief Technology Officer

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After more than 11 years as Chief Technology Officer at the Satellite Applications Catapult, Paul Febvre has stepped down. His departure marks the end of an era which has been defined by the rapid growth of the sector and the establishment of a vibrant culture of innovation in the UK.

Paul played a pivotal role in establishing the Catapult in late 2012, serving originally as interim CEO, developing the Catapult’s business case and defining how a space-focused Catapult would create impact for the sector. He joined at the height of a career focussed on advanced communication technologies at British Telecom and Inmarsat.

“Right from the outset, the Catapult was a fascinating environment.” said Paul. “We aimed to build a team with many different experiences and outlooks, fostering a dynamic approach towards engaging with both space and non-space communities. We set up the CEMS digital infrastructure as a shared environment to support startups innovating in the emerging satellite data economy.”

“Realising the potential of cube-sats to accelerate innovation, we established the UKSA/Catapult In-orbit Demonstrator Programme and assisted ESA in establishing the Pioneer Programme resulting in new Space Access Providers in the UK through our DISC facilities.  Many of the ground-breaking technologies we worked on with UK Partners, such as deploying 5G over satellite and the development of new antenna technologies are already being used in commercial systems generating UK sector growth. Other initiatives such as the pioneering demonstration of delivery of PNT services via LEO communications satellites, as well as exploring the potential for space-based solar power, have influenced UK strategy and paved the way for future commercial successes.”

“Working in the Catapult has been a wonderful experience, and I am confident that the Catapult will continue to be a global powerhouse for innovation. With competencies in emerging technologies and a commitment to community engagement across the UK, the Catapult is poised for continued success.”

John Abbott, CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult said, “Paul’s contribution to the Catapult and the UK space sector cannot be underestimated. His unending energy and commitment to technological advancement, and his remarkable passion for his work have been a driving force behind the Catapult since its inception. He has been a wonderful role model for a whole generation of innovators during this important period for our space industry.

“I would like to thank him for his dedication and commitment to the Catapult and for being such a great ambassador for the sector. I wish him every success for the future.”

Paul left the Catapult last month and will continue to work in the space industry, with plans to focus on multifunctional networks and future connectivity systems. He will also continue to contribute to the Catapult with a part-time role as the first Satellite Applications Catapult fellow.