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Call for proposals: Space-enabled products and services for climate change mitigation linked to extractive industries sector

Deadline: Close of business on Friday 29 May

Through the Catapult’s work in the Extractive Industries sector, we have been requested to present solutions of how satellite-enabled data intelligence can be used to avoid or, where this is not possible, minimise the environmental impact of a world-leading resources company. As part of this engagement, we would like to present leading products and services available through different companies.

Companies are invited to present proposed solutions aimed at tackling the challenges described below to be presented, on your behalf, to the resources company by the Satellite Applications Catapult. This may have the potential to lead to a future project/ collaboration where the technology will be trialed and then implemented.

At present, the company has made public commitments to materially reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, within this century. The proposed solutions must present a platform or service that generates and enables monitoring of one or more of the following:

  • Oil leak detection

The ongoing monitoring of onshore pipelines, offshore oil platforms and marine vessels

  • Greenhouse gas emissions

The identification of methane from underground coal mining (degasification systems, ventilation, and seepage)

The monitoring of greenhouse gasses more generally (with a focus on carbon dioxide and methane), from open cut mining

What we need from you

Solutions should be no more than 2 sides of A4 and aim to describe as clearly and concisely the part of the challenge you can address, possible benefits of the relevant solution and current state of development. Proposals must be submitted by email to the Head of Extractive Industries, at before the close of business on Friday 29 May.

All submitted solutions documents will be considered commercial in confidence and will not be shared publicly, outside of the client.

The client and Satellite Applications Catapult have entered a mutual confidentiality agreement with the expressed purpose of exploring capability for the application of satellite observations of atmospheric methane concentration. The agreement prevents both parties from disclosing any shared information to third parties outside of its related entities and personnel.