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DIT Virtual Technology Showcase with Axiom Space Technologies

On behalf of the DIT Space Sector team, please see details calling for submissions to participate in the DIT Virtual Technology Showcase with Axiom Space Technologies, end May/early June 2022.

  • The capability or service you wish to submit must be UK-based/of UK-origin
  • Timely submission of quad-chart/response to queries from DIT staff promptly will be appreciated to make your submission as effective as possible.
  • Please use the capability sheet attached below – do not amend or change the format in any way
  • Send your completed sheet to: marked ‘Axiom Tech Showcase’ in the subject header.
  • If your submission is not selected for further review, you are still welcome to join the wider presentation sessions
  • Timely submission of your quad-chart is critical to the success of the event to give sufficient time to review submissions thoroughly and keep to the schedule.
  • Please send any immediate questions to

Download the Capability Sheet >>

Event detail:

  • This Technology Showcase provides industry with an opportunity to pitch capabilities and services directly to Axiom who have supplied DIT with some broad capability areas it is interested in.
  • DIT will collect submissions from UK industry in a set one-page format and vet/check the information provided, then passes submissions to Axiom for review and selection.
  • HMG and Axiom host a virtual event comprising one-to-one, business-to-business video calls and strategy presentations from HMG and Axiom Space.

Timeline and key dates:

  • Launch: w/c 4 April
  • Supplier submissions due: Close of business Friday 6 May
  • DIT informs selected participants: on or around 27 May
  • Virtual Tech Showcase: second week of June – dates tbc

Additional information:

  • Large-scale solar power on-orbit
  • Power storage and distribution systems
  • Radiators and thermal management systems
  • Space-qualified high-performance computing hardware
  • Biotech (products and/or processes that benefit from micro-gravity)
  • Materials and Manufacturing (any materials and manufacturing processes that if made or conducted on-orbit, would benefit from micro-gravity)
  • Communications (optical & RF; LEO, MEO or GEO)
  • On-orbit data processing, storage, encryption, and other advanced capabilities (edge processing; blockchain; quantum)
  • Cyber defense in Space
  • Space domain awareness
  • Orbital Servicing, Assembly & Manufacturing (OSAM)
  • Space debris remediation
  • Space exploration systems