EP 6: Health Connectivity in the Post-COVID World

Series 1

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If someone had told you in the middle of 2019, that you would have more remote consultations with your GP or consultant than face to face interactions by the end of 2020, would you believe them? Or that with the help of satellite technology, we could see a vast improvement in early detection of bowel cancer, without the patient even stepping foot into a hospital?

In medicine, our reliance on tech is nothing new. But COVID-19 has forced many sectors to evolve much faster than they probably would have, leading to technological innovation that we might not have thought possible just five years ago.

But what does health and wellbeing in a post COVID world look like? How much of what we have adapted to during this pandemic, will prove to be beneficial in the long run? What part will space play in our mission to save the NHS?

Episode Guests


John Vesey

Business Manager for Health

Satellite Applications Catapult

Adrian Smith

Head of Digital Transformation

NHS Arden and Gem CSU

Emily Gravestock

Head of Applications Strategy

UK Space Agency

Episode Host


Maggie Aderin-Pocock

We are pleased to have Maggie Aderin-Pocock on board to present and introduce our first series of podcasts. A British space scientist and science educator, Maggie is an honorary research associate of University College London’s Department of Physics and Astronomy. Since February 2014, she has co-presented the long-running astronomy television programme The Sky at Night with Chris Lintott. In 2020 she was awarded the Institute of Physics William Thomson, Lord Kelvin Medal and Prize for her public engagement in physics.


  • The Healthy Living Lab: We are working on developing a Healthy Living Lab to drive innovation using communications in the emergency healthcare sector. The Lab is located on Westcott Venture Park, alongside our 5G Step-Out Centre and Business Incubation Centre. Click here to find out more about the Living Lab and how businesses and end-users will be able to benefit from this opportunity.
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