S3 EP2: Digital Twins

Series 3

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A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a real-world physical counterpart, they use sophisticated data models to accurately simulate changes and problems, using the virtual environment to test and monitor potential scenarios without ever altering the physical counterpart – this enables users to run various simulations and to plan for, or prevent, any issues before they become a problem.

A Digital Twin is a powerful decision-making tool, but the system is reliant on data and can only be as good as the data it is provided with. One potential source of information is Earth Observation data collected from space. Advancements in launch technology and the small satellite market have exponentially increased the amount of EO data that is available – and this new wealth of data could play a huge role in the future of Digital Twins and their potential to manage and mitigate the risk of failure in all manner of human enterprises.

Episode Guests


Simon Evans

Global Digital Energy Leader


Peter Bauer

Director of Destination Earth

European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Mark Hennen

Senior Earth Observation Consultant

Satellite Applications Catapult

Episode Host


Dallas Campbell

Broadcaster and Writer

Dallas presents some of television’s most popular factual programmes, his immersive documentaries lift the curtain on our human planet, giving audiences of all ages and backgrounds an exclusive backstage pass to some of the world’s most fascinating stories, ideas and places.

Beyond television, Dallas is an author, speaker, and ambassador for STEM education. He works closely with several major outreach initiatives which help kids across the UK think creatively about technology and innovation. He works internationally with the British Council’s FameLab project, designing and running workshops for early career academics, helping them hone their science communication skills.


As the digital twin market booms, we recently shared a content series to uncover how digital twins and the space sector benefit one another, and what role the UK space industry plays in driving innovation in Earth observation, construction, and IOSM:

Find your community in Digital Twins:

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