Ubiquitous Connectivity

Rural Connected Colombia

In-country demonstration of next generation connectivity technology at two rural sites in Colombia

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Project Overview

Phase 1.5

Building on the work from Phase 1, this extension project (Phase 1.5) will develop the design of the connectivity solution at two pilot sites.

Satellite Applications Catapult will lead Phase 1.5 with partner AgriTIERRA.

  • Project Funder: Department for Science, Innovation and Technology
  • Project Start: 1 November 2023
  • Project Finish: 31 March 2024

This project aligns to the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy associated with the objective of sustaining strategic advantage through science and technology. Through this project we can not only provide support for the Colombian connectivity approach in rural areas, but also stimulate Colombian and UK relations, and understand the exportability of technology innovation generated through strategic investments settings.


Phase 1.5 of this project is scheduled to take place between .

During this 3-month period, we will develop the design for the technical innovation for the 5G connectivity. This solution will be showcased at an in-country event.


The objectives of Phase 1.5 are:

  • Develop a technical design of the innovation space-enabled connectivity solution in the targeted area.
  • Further develop strategic alliances between both UK and Colombian technical entities ahead of Phase 2.
  • Development and organisation of the delivery consortium formation for the Phase 2 delivery.
  • Development of the technical design to be inputted into the Bancolombia led Oxl Phase 2 application (Application is outside of the scope of Phase 1.5).


The successful outcomes of the project are:

  • Connectivity designs completed for the pilot sites, in an appropriate format for Oxl submission.
  • Consortium delivery formation agreed by all stakeholders and Phase 2 planned from the consortium, perspective.
  • Achievement of the project KPIs.

Societal Impact

Providing resilient connectivity to rural communities will improve standards of living and education, provide better connection to society, and assist in reducing employment and wealth gaps.


Next Update

The next update will be March 2024.

Phase 1 Summary

Satellite Applications Catapult led Phase 1 of the project, with partners AgriTIERRA, Fundación Grupo Bancolombia, and Oxi Consultoria, to engage with various public and private stakeholders.

In Phase 1 we developed a technical policy and business roadmap (through user-centred workshops, interviews, research and delegates mission to the UK with Colombian stakeholders). The outcome of this work was a focus implementation plan for the region of Urab√°, Antioquia (Colombia) of how next generation (for example 5G) ubiquitous connectivity from space and terrestrial communications enable connectivity in rural communities.

  • Project Funder: Department of Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy
  • Project Start: 1 November 2022
  • Project Finish: 31 March 2023


This project is an example of international collaboration-led, technology knowledge transfer, and the enabling of accessibility to support international markets, supply chains, and investments.

The outcomes of the Phase 1 were:

  • Development of space/terrestrial communications 5G design solution for rural Colombian communities.
  • Shaping policy, delivery research and commercialisation, driven by UK connectivity learnings.
  • Developing opportunities to create bilateral research projects between UK and Colombian stakeholders.
  • Meeting technology knowledge transfer goals for UK technology capabilities and expertise for international collaboration.

Satellite Applications Catapult developed the business case including cost benefit figures attained through implementing future phases, and we expect Phase-2 cost benefits to relate to the focus markets identified in Phase-1. Cost benefits will likely include value chain productivity increases, percentage increase in GDP per capita with increased user connectivity and increased benefits though access to financial services.

Ubiquitous Connectivity


Project Completed
Ubiquitous Connectivity

5G RuralDorset

Project Completed