Reimagining Space

Reimagine your understanding of space, and better understand its role in shaping – and sustaining – the world of tomorrow


Welcome to Reimagining Space

Across the next few months, in a new series of blogs, videos and articles, we will be discussing how the UK space sector has been transformed since we launched in 2013, and share our vision for its future.

We will showcase the dynamism, innovation and commercial success of the UK space sector today, looking at satellite applications, launch, manufacturing and sector finance; we’ll also share the views and expectations of key players to reimagine our understanding of space and better understand its role in shaping – and sustaining – the world of tomorrow.


The Transformation of the Space Sector

In our first blog in the #ReimaginingSpace series, we're exploring how the space sector has changed over the past 7 years since we launched - from the growth of satellite launches to technological advances.

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Vision 2035: The Global Space Sector

Space is a dynamic and accessible industry but we're only just beginning to realise its true possibilities. In this #ReimaginingSpace piece we're looking at what space technologies will be every-day realities for every business and citizen in the future.

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The UK Space Industry Today

Britain has played a pivotal role in transforming the space landscape, enabling industries, as well as Government, to exploit the benefits of being in orbit. In our latest #ReimaginingSpace blog, we're exploring the influence of UK space innovation and the challenges the sector needs to overcome to drive future growth.

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2035 – A View from the Future of the UK Space Sector

If we are bold in our aspirations for space, and the way we use it to drive prosperity, sustainability, and security around the world, then by 2035 we can turn our UK space ambitions into a major global success story. Space will be at the heart of business, society and the entire economy.

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Route to Growth

In setting out our vision for the UK space sector in 2035, we presented an audacious set of technological and business advances which will position the UK at the centre of the global space economy. We are launching our ‘Route to Growth’, which lays out major, interlinked areas in which the UK must lead if our vision is to become reality.

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A Transforming Sector

How has the industry changed over the last few years? In this infographic, we’re breaking down the differences between 2013, 2020, and 2035 – from the number of satellite launches, how we can use space data, and how we’re evolving for the future.

In Conversation With...

How has the Space industry changed and involved over the last decade? What does the future of Space look like? How will we know we have been successful?

We sit down with Sir Martin Sweeting, Lord David Willets, and Chad Anderson to discuss the industry past and present, innovative Start-Up companies and entrepreneurs changing the landscape as we know it, and the UK’s journey to become a key player in space – ushering in a new age of British made satellites and launch capability.