MINEX Eurasia 2019

Maral Bayaraa
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On 28 November, our Earth Observation Specialist, Maral Bayaraa, attended the MINEX Eurasia 2019 conference in London. Maral presented on how space-enabled applications can benefit each step of the extractive industry – from exploration to production, waste management, and environmental monitoring. 

Event Info

Established in 2012, the MINEX Eurasia Conference is the UK’s premier mining Forum on Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Eastern and Central Europe. The conference is organised by Advantix Ltd, which has been running MINEX Forum events since 2005.

The conference is primary aimed at the UK and International investors, financiers, services and suppliers. The conference provides annual platform for presenting emerging trade, cooperation and investment opportunities. This year MINEX Eurasia has brought together major mining and junior exploration companies operating in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyz Republic.

The conference discussed the prospects for developing cooperation in the areas of Project financing, Infrastructure modernisation, Mining optimisation, Environmental, Social, and Governance investing and the use of best practices for solving issues which impact on mining operations and investor confidence across the region.