Working With Industry

Working With Industry

We work with organisations to accelerate their development and collaborate for the benefit of the space industry

We connect both space and non-space businesses of all sizes with the resources they need to launch and grow; improving the supply of finance, providing business support and access to information, and all the necessary skills and technical expertise.

Our wide range of facilities allow us to support the creation of next generation technology and services, and our unique position allows us to reduce costs of access to space and delivering services for manufacturers and hardware providers. We also work on developing solutions with end users, often collaborating with other space industry partners.

How We Can Help

Supporting industry with developing new products and services

Funding Opportunities

We can provide you with an overview of the current funding landscape in the UK and facilitate introductions where possible.

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Business Support

We have a team of experts who can review your business plan and ambitions for growth. We also offer bespoke business design sprints for organisations looking to achieve a certain goal.

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World Class Facilities

We offer a unique range of satellite operations and technical facilities. We also have links to UK-wide facilities through our Centres of Excellence.

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Technical and Market Expertise

We have a wide range of expertise for technical and market area support. Get in touch if you'd like to know how they can support you.

Networking Opportunities

We hold monthly networking events for our space industry community, offering pitch opportunities and updates from across the sector.

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Shared Workspace

In our Co-Space we offer a flexible, shared hot-desk space for companies wanting to engage with us and other organisations in the Harwell Space Cluster.

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Space Enterprise Community

The Space Enterprise Community is a new online platform designed to provide a collaborative, user friendly and centralised platform for the UK space sector. Designed to help connect a wide variety of organisations and individuals working in the sector across all UK regions, the Space Enterprise Community is the result of extensive research, scoping and development by the Catapult’s Regional Growth team (supported by the UKSA), in answer to challenges posed by colleagues across the country.

As well as connecting all commercial, academic, research and public sector stakeholders, it provides a location on which to store and share news, events, opportunities and resources. The platform also acts to encourage conversation and raise the profile of innovative projects and programmes taking place nationwide.

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Space Enterprise Community