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North Coast Space Cluster


The North Coast Space Cluster aims to position the region as a significant centre for the UK commercial space industry by 2026. Driven by ambition and evidence, the cluster focuses on leveraging the unique advantages of the North Coast region to foster a thriving space sector.

See the North Coast Space Cluster’s strategy document here.

Key Contacts

Pete Guthrie

Organisation: Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Role: Space Cluster Manager

David Howie

Organisation: Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Role: Space Hub Sutherland Project Lead

June Love

Organisation: Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Role: Stakeholder relations and communications - Space Hub Sutherland

Facilities & Assets

  • Enterprise Park / Horizon Scotland

  • Also known as Horizon Scotland, is a business park located in Forres. It offers modern office and workspace solutions to businesses and is home to a range of innovative companies, including those in the technology and space sectors.

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  • Manufacturing Innovation Centre for Moray (MICM)

  • The MICM is a planned facility aimed at driving innovation and growth in manufacturing within Moray. It will provide a collaborative environment for businesses, research institutions, and other stakeholders involved in advanced manufacturing technologies.

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  • Moray Advance Technology and Innovation Campus (MAATIC)

  • MAATIC is a research and innovation facility in Moray, focused on supporting businesses in the aerospace, defence, and space sectors. The campus offers state-of-the-art facilities, collaboration spaces, and access to cutting-edge technology.

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  • Moray & Elgin Business Park

  • Located in Elgin, Moray & Elgin Business Park is a prime location for businesses within the region. With high-quality office and industrial space, the park offers the necessary infrastructure to support companies operating in various sectors, including the space industry.

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  • Space Hub Sutherland

  • Located on the A’Mhoine Peninsula in the Highlands, Space Hub Sutherland is a planned satellite launch site for small satellites. It aims to become a leading player in the emerging small satellite launch sector and contribute to the growth of the UK’s space industry.

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Partners & Academic Institutions

  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE)

  • HIE is the Scottish Government’s economic and community development agency for the Highlands and Islands region. It aims to promote sustainable economic growth, job creation, and business development in the area, including supporting the space industry.

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  • Orbex

  • Orbex is a UK-based space launch company that develops small satellite launch vehicles. They are focused on creating environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solutions for launching small satellites into orbit, with a strong presence in the North Coast region.

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  • Scottish Space Academic Forum (SSAF)

  • The SSAF is a network of academic institutions across Scotland that are engaged in space-related research and education. The forum facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange among its members, helping to drive innovation and growth in the Scottish space sector

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  • University of Highlands and Islands (UHI)

  • UHI is a network of colleges and research institutions located throughout the Highlands and Islands region of Scotland. The university offers a range of courses and research opportunities in various fields, contributing to the development of skills and expertise needed for the space sector.

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Technical Focus

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Market Focus

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