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Market Reports

The Satellite Applications Catapult publishes market research reports, technology analysis and white papers to share our knowledge and expertise in specific markets.


Route to Market Reports

We are currently working on a library of Route to Market Reports across various sectors which will be published as completed.

Click here to see the Route to Market Reports.




Small Satellite Market Intelligence

The Small Satellite Market Intelligence update is a quarterly report that follows the fast growing interest in small satellites with the intention to make data on the sector free and accessible.

Click here to access


Global Market Matrix Report

The Satellite Applications Catapult commissioned Bryce Space and Technology Limited to undertake a study to create an annual snapshot of the opportunities for satellite applications, segmented within globally recognized industry sectors.

Click here to access


Agricultural Technology – Market Review

This report provides an overview of the current market for agri-tech and assesses the opportunities for UK companies. It is based upon freely available data from literature reviews, workshops and reports carried out by the Satellite Applications Catapult, and interviews with industry contacts.

Click here to access


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for UK Agriculture: Creating an Invisible Precision Farming Technology

This white paper looks at how UAV technologies can become an integral or ‘invisible’ precision farming technology exploitable by different users across the agricultural sector. UAV technology has not yet reached maturity, with many agricultural end-users failing to see any proven agronomic or economic benefits of the technology or data products.

Click here to access


Low Cost Access to Space 

The UK’s satellite technologies, applications and intelligent space systems are exported across the world. This report focuses on the UK’s leading expertise in the small satellite market, a growing segment of the space sector, for which low cost access to space is of significant importance.

Click here to access


GNSS Threat Quantification in the UK in 2015

GNSS Threat Quantification in the UK in 2015

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) suffers from threats and vulnerabilities. A number of important studies have been undertaken, several significant gaps were identified in understanding the impact that illegal jammers and other interferers in the GNSS spectrum cause to GNSS users in operational situations. Project GEMNet was initiated as a collaborative activity to further the state of knowledge and to begin to address these gaps.

Click here to access


Satellite technologies in UK agriculture

The need for sustainable, efficient and cost-effective methods of farming has never been more pressing. As the global population continues to rise, the challenge to meet global food demands in a sustainable manner is becoming increasingly important. Agricultural science and technology, known as ‘agri-tech’ – in particular that enhanced by satellite-enabled services – is an important facilitator towards a solution.

Click here to access


Case for Space

The UK space industry’s annual value grew to £11.8 billion in 2012-13, having grown at an average compound rate of 8.6% year-on-year since 2008-09, with a productivity some 3 times the UK average. The study goes beyond the usual industrial impacts to highlight the expansive user benefits and knowledge spillovers across an increasingly diverse range of consumer, commercial and public sector applications.

Click here to access



Technology_Roadmap_Highlights_Report-ImageTechnology Roadmap – Highlights Report

The Satellite Applications Catapult undertook a study of emerging technologies over an intensive three month period from January to March 2015. The outputs from the study will shape the strategy for the Satellite Applications Explore Technology Programme in addition to providing inputs into the UK Space Innovation and Growth Strategy.

Click here to access



SpacePortThumbNailSpaceport UK

Spaceport UK will be a pillar of growth for the UK and European space industry, enabling lower cost access to space, and creating economic benefit far beyond its perimeter fence. A spaceport will unlock economic growth and jobs in existing UK industries and regions, while positioning the UK to take advantage of emerging demand for commercial human spaceflight, small satellite launch, microgravity research, parabolic flights, near-space balloon tourism, and eventually high-speed point-to-point travel. Although a specific site has not yet been selected, this reports looks at the economic impact of such a spaceport, which it expects to deliver approximately £2.5 billion and 8,000 jobs to the broader UK economy over 10 years.

Click here to access


Small is the new Big UPDATE ThumbnailSmall is the new Big

This white paper is a capture plan for Nano/Micro-Satellite Missions for Earth Observation (EO) and Remote Sensing Purposes. It describes current technology and market trends and illustrates the impact that emerging technologies will have on the space sector by reversing the balance of upstream and downstream applications for commercial EO exploitation.

Click here to access

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