Bonus: Satellites, SIDS, and Sustainability


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Space may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the Earth’s climate, but it has quietly helped us to understand and contend with our current climate crisis. Indeed, without space, we would not know nearly as much about our need to act as we currently do. As the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events increases, there has never been more of a need for this type of information.

This is particularly true for people of Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands. Despite contributing the least to global greenhouse gas emissions, small island nation developing states are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. With around one-third of the population living less than five metres above sea level, rising waters are forcing communities from their ancestral homes, as land and lives are lost to the effects of climate change.

Recognising the need to act, the UK Space Agency funded IPP CommonSensing project has created a tool to support these nations and assist decision-makers in their efforts. Through the CommonSensing platform, map-based evidence can be used to navigate the complex funding landscape, resilience and relocation efforts, disaster risk reduction, and enhanced food security.

Visit the CommonSensing website >>

Episode Guests

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Leba Gaunavinaka

In-country technical expert for Fiji


Katherine Cooke

National Climate Finance Advisor for Fiji

The Commonwealth

Richard Oates

Geospatial Data Scientist and Engineer

Spatial Days & Satellite Applications Catapult

Nathan Woodley

Project Marketing Executive

Satellite Applications Catapult

Episode Host


Sarah Cruddas

Sarah is a space journalist, international TV host and award winning author. She has an academic background in astrophysics and is a global thought leader in the growing commercial space sector. Within the space industry Sarah works at the highest level, traveling the globe working to develop the commercial space sector. She also sits on the board of directors of Space for Humanity, a global non-profit dedicated to democratising access to space and is an honorary advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation. Sarah’s mission is to inspire a diverse audience about why space exploration matters, how it has shaped all of our lives and why we all need to look up a little more. Space is for everyone.

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