Bonus: Virgin Orbit: Making UK Launch a Reality


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In this bonus episode, we’re discussing the historic rocket launch from UK soil happening later this year. Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne will take flight from Spaceport Cornwall on a mission that will mark the first ever orbital launch from a UK spaceport and Virgin Orbit’s first mission outside of the US.

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading space companies and satellite manufacturers, but they have never been able to launch from the UK itself – until now. We are on the cusp of a major milestone as a spacefaring nation.

This mission from Spaceport Cornwall marks the beginning of a new domestic launch market as the UK completes its end-to-end ecosystem, enabling companies to design, build, launch and operate their spacecraft all from one place.

This historic launch is bringing together a combination of skills, capabilities, infrastructure, and organisations of all sizes from across the UK and beyond to support innovation and ensure that companies operating in space have the skills and the resources they need to make themselves a success.

Episode Host


Stuart Martin


Satellite Applications Catapult

Episode Guests


Dan Hart


Virgin Orbit

Matthew Archer

Commercial Space Director

UK Space Agency

Melissa Thorpe


Spaceport Cornwall

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