S2 EP7: Space Clusters: Connecting the UK

Series 2

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In this episode we’re discussing the growing network of space clusters across the country that are enabling a new, more connected and more collaborative era in the development of the space sector in the UK.

Developing a strong space community in all regions across the UK is essential to foster new collaborations and bring new innovations to life.

Over the past decade, the UK space sector has grown from a small group of highly successful niche companies, to a far reaching, dynamic and diverse ecosystem made up of entrepreneurs, academia and both large and small commercial organisations.

New technologies and applications that are resulting from these collaborations are fundamentally changing how society operates while simultaneously raising the profile of the UK Space Sector.

Episode Guests


Nafeesa Dajda

Head of Regional Growth

Satellite Applications Catapult

Gail Eastaugh

Programme Director

AeroSpace Cornwall

Daniel Smith

Founder & Creative Director


Episode Host


Sarah Cruddas

Sarah is a space journalist, international TV host and award winning author. She has an academic background in astrophysics and is a global thought leader in the growing commercial space sector.

Within the space industry Sarah works at the highest level, traveling the globe working to develop the commercial space sector. She also sits on the board of directors of Space for Humanity, a global non-profit dedicated to democratising access to space and is an honorary advocate of the Space Frontier Foundation.

Sarah’s mission is to inspire a diverse audience about why space exploration matters, how it has shaped all of our lives and why we all need to look up a little more. Space is for everyone.

Space Enterprise Community

Supporting the growth of the UK space sector, through the creation of a more transparent and connected ecosystem.

The Space Enterprise Community has been designed to help address this challenge, connecting commercial, academic, research and public sector stakeholders from each region with one another and providing a supportive, collaborative and user friendly platform for all parties.

Join the community >>


  • Space Enterprise Labs: The Space Enterprise Labs (SEL) are regional spaces for innovation that are digitally inclusive. As an extension of the Space Enterprise Community, the Space Enterprise Labs provide users with access to resources, virtual demonstrations, and Catapult experts, as well as technology.
  • Spaceport Cornwall will make history in 2022 by launching satellites to space from UK soil, all from a regional passenger airport – find out more >>
  • Aerospace Cornwall To Deliver The UK’s First MILO Ambassador Program – read more >>
  • Daniel Smith writes a monthly space column for The Scotsman – read January’s edition here >>
  • How Green is Scotland’s Space Industry? – an interview with Daniel Smith by BBC News

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