S3 EP7: Airborne Revolution: The Evolving Landscape of Drones

Series 3

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Drones have become an increasingly popular technology in recent years, with applications ranging from aerial photography and videography to search and rescue, agriculture, and even package delivery. Despite their versatility, however, drones remain a somewhat controversial technology, with concerns about privacy, safety, and their impact on the environment.

In this episode, we will be ‘flying high’ into the world of drones, exploring their history, technology, and future possibilities. We will also be discussing some of the key challenges facing the drone industry, the various regulations and policies that govern their use, and new facility that the Catapult has just opened in Buckinghamshire to offer support to UK drone companies.

Episode Guests


Liam Braeger

Business Development Lead

Satellite Applications Catapult

Liam Flood

Drone Technology Lead


Dr Anthony Lawrenson


Volant Autonomy

Episode Host


Dallas Campbell

Broadcaster and Writer

Dallas presents some of television’s most popular factual programmes, his immersive documentaries lift the curtain on our human planet, giving audiences of all ages and backgrounds an exclusive backstage pass to some of the world’s most fascinating stories, ideas and places.

Beyond television, Dallas is an author, speaker, and ambassador for STEM education. He works closely with several major outreach initiatives which help kids across the UK think creatively about technology and innovation. He works internationally with the British Council’s FameLab project, designing and running workshops for early career academics, helping them hone their science communication skills.


  • Our Drone Test and Development Centre offers a secure environment to test and develop drone products and services, including capabilities that will support Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS), pilot training and remote flight operations. Find out more here >>
  • Dr Anthony Lawrenson’s book  – ‘Commercial Aviation Safety (7th edition)’ – discussed in this episode is available through most major retails, but you can find at WHSmith here, and on Google Books here.

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