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Addressing global challenges through transformational technologies

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What is Arc for Space?

Arc for Space is an initiative spearheaded by world-class institutions from across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc to address global challenges through the implementation of transformational technologies with the UK space sector.

Top representatives from these institutions have come together to pool expertise and capabilities that can support UK-wide partnerships focused on global sustainability. We believe global challenges will only be solved by the financing of ambitious innovation and committed collaboration; and that the solutions lie in space.

Our Vision

A sustainable planet delivered by world-class space innovation.

Our vision is to deliver sustainability for the planet, as well as economic impact for the UK, through world-class collaborative innovations in space technology. We will do this by leveraging the wealth of expertise and capabilities across the Arc region to support UK-wide partnerships.


Our Mission

Four strategic missions targeting global sustainability will bring together academia and industry partners from across the UK and beyond:

  1. Planetary stewardship: Developing data, tools and models to enable sustainable decisions for planet earth
  2. Sustainable finance: Using data and advanced tools to drive climate action through financial transactions
  3. Intelligent spacecraft: Pioneering intelligent spacecraft and ground systems for sustainable use of earth orbits
  4. Space exploration: Exploring the science of space to create technologies that solve challenges on earth


  • Access to an increased range of funding opportunities that are enabled by the Arc for Space umbrella, including targeted help with funding applications
  • Access to a highly concentrated knowledge-base, world-class experts, facilities, and test equipment
  • New IP and innovative technologies that can be acquired, developed and/or licensed
  • Talent and skills acquisition


  • Access increased range of funding opportunities that are enabled by the Arc for Space umbrella, including targeted help with funding applications
  • A framework to facilitate new collaborations with world-class academics and industry partners to deploy innovation for research impact
  • More ambitious change and growth for the planet supported by a like-minded network which can achieve more together than apart.


  • A critical mass of new technologies, capabilities, resource, technical expertise and advanced testing facilities available through our network of committed partners which is capable of transforming the space sector
  • A history of being the leading commercialisation ecosystem in Europe
  • Access to venture capital, angel investors and other investment funds which could complement other investments

How to work with us

The Arc for Space Initiative is looking for partners who can propose technical challenges that space data or technology could solve, as well as bring their own expertise, facilities, and data to the table to collaborate on innovative solutions.

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Project Ongoing
Beyond Our Earth, In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing

In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing