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Satellite-derived data offers UK organisations additional data to identify and mitigate against harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

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This Methane Monitoring Data Supply for UK programme, is a partnership between the Satellite Applications Catapult and GHGSat, funded by the UK Space Agency, which will provide UK organisations with access to high-resolution methane emissions satellite data.

This programme will address the gap in the UK market for understanding and valuing the benefits of satellite derived greenhouse gas (GHG) data.

  • Project Funder: UK Space Agency
  • Project Start: June 2023
  • Project Finish: March 2025

Methane has a more powerful effect on global warming than carbon dioxide and by taking action to identify emissions, we can reduce atmospheric concentrations, which contribute to warming.


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About The Data

Satellite-derived data offers organisations a way to reliably measure their (and their supply chain) GHG emissions and implement outcomes that tackle these activities.

This programme will offer UK organisations access to:

  • Archive methane data for research & development – UK organisations can access GHGSat archive data for research and development purposes (subject to request).
  • Satellite tasking – UK organisations may make satellite tasking requests (subject to qualifying criteria).
  • Support and Engagement – Organisations in high emitting sectors can receive support to help them to fully realise the value (and benefits) of satellite data and the methane emissions archive dataset.
  • Community of users – Support and advice from likeminded users to increase interest in satellite-derived methane data within your organisation. The Satellite Applications Catapult will support users according to their needs, company size and potential use cases.
  • Evidence source – Development of evidence methodology to support compliance of international agreements and domestic net zero policy.
  • Assess the data and identify use cases.


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Monitoring Methane Emissions from Space

The Satellite Applications Catapult, in collaboration with the Ordinance Survey (OS) and the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have curated a new methane monitoring dataset, using satellite observation data from GHGSat funded by the UK Space Agency (UKSA). This initiative offers a unique opportunity for organizations in the UK, spanning commercial, governmental, and research sectors, to explore innovative applications of space-based methane observations at the asset level.

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Methane Satellite Missions Capability Comparison

Several different types of satellites exist for monitoring different types of methane emissions. This increasing data availability makes for an exciting time to investigate the opportunities these types of satellites bring for monitoring and regulating methane emissions. This piece provides an overview of the capabilities of some current satellites with methane monitoring capabilities, as well as those planned for launch, and how they compare.

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Which sectors can the programme help?

Satellite-derived data can support:

  • organisations to measure GHG emissions through the supply chain.
  • regulatory organisations to demonstrate UK compliance and progress on national and international net zero commitments.

If you work in Agriculture and Farming, Waste Management, Large Industrial Processes or the Oil and Gas sector, this programme offers you a way to identify, validate and monitor GHG emissions.

Satellite-derived data offers you an alternative way to monitor your facilities, particularly difficult to reach sites. With independent, evidence-based outputs, you can develop mitigation and elimination strategies and then monitor their success.

The programme team are ready to support your organisation realise the power of Satellite-derived data in support of your ESG goals.

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Programme objectives

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Champion the benefits of space for UK industries including supporting the realisation of business outcomes and helping to tackle the climate emergency.
  • Catalyse investment in satellite-derived data, applications, and services by non-space businesses to grow the market within the period of the project.
  • Enhance UK influence and reputation as a global leader in the exploitation of satellite-derived data applications and services.

About the GHGSat Data


Through this project, eligible users will have access to a large subset of GHGSat methane monitoring data. These data cover a range of sites of interest across the globe.

Sites of interest were selected across multiple industries, using past studies to identify potential sites where methane emissions are expected to occur. These sites were compared to GHGSat archive imagery, with a final selection of locations based on there being a minimum of one identified emission plume. For each selected location, all detected emission plumes between November 2020 and March 2023 are included in final data selection.

In additions, a smaller subset was recommended by GHGSat, from previous case studies including Coal Mines in China, and Oil and Gas Flare stacks in Algeria and Egypt. All archive observations over the UK are also provided.


This dataset includes measurements from 1,337 satellite observations across 424 specific sites across all major continents around the globe. These data include 1,546 individually identified Emission plumes and 443 full scene (12 km2) background methane Abundance data.


The 1,337 observations have been selected to cover a range of industries, including:


  • Livestock farming
  • Abattoirs

Extractive industries

  • Coal and mineral Mining,
  • Oil and Gas drilling and pipelines
  • Flare stack, excess gas burning


  • Known large landfill sites designated by region (EU, USA, Global)

European sites also include Waste Water Treatment facilities.


Access to the GHGSat Data

GHGSat Methane Monitoring

Please submit this form to request access to the UK Space Agency funded Methane monitoring data from GHGSat for R&D purposes.

Include as much information as possible. The form covers the eligibility criteria.

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If you would like more information about accessing this data, its purposes, and next steps, please read our FAQ document. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact our team at

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How to use the data

A technical guide has been produced to help organisations use the data.

Read our Methane Emissions data: Technical Guide
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