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Connected Turkiye

The blueprint for delivering next generation connectivity in rural regions of Turkiye

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Project Overview

Satellite Applications Catapult and Izmir Tarim Teknoloji Merkezi (ITTM) will analyse the current connectivity market, complete stakeholder engagement, develop a feasibility study and implementation plan for the roll out of connectivity in rural areas of Turkiye.

Project Funder: Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

Project Finish: 31 January 2025

Societal Impact

Providing resilient connectivity to rural communities will improve standards of living and education, provide better connection to society, and assist in reducing employment and wealth gaps.


Sector Interest

The Connected Turkiye project and its outcomes will be relevant to:

  • National Governments
  • Local and regional Governments and Governors
  • Telecommunications organisations
  • IT Infrastructure organisations
  • National and International Development Agencies
  • Foundations

Project Benefits

The outputs of this project will:

  • Accelerate the introduction and deployment of connectivity in rural areas,
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and the generation of ideas by UK-Turkiye organisations,
  • Enhance the lives of people living in rural Turkiye by delivering benefits to the local and wider community through improved ‘online outcomes’,
  • Drive competition in the delivery of connectivity in Turkiye.


Satellite Applications Catapult will leverage its delivery learning from projects such as Rural Connected Colombia and
5G RuralDorset and present a technical approach that can bring connectivity solutions to rural locations across Turkiye.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Development of a technical, policy, and business roadmap through workshops, interviews, research, and delegate missions between the two countries for knowledge exchange and generation of ideas.
  • Development of a roadmap for connectivity implementation activities that provide platform for UK-Türkiye businesses and research organisations to deliver and exploit, enabling connectivity.
  • Structuring an implementation plan of how the roadmap could be implemented in selected regions of Türkiye.
  • Creating Strategic alliances for longer-term commercial and institutional sustainability of the connectivity to scale nationally in the long term.


The successful outcomes of the project are:

  • Shaping policy, delivery research and commercialisation that can bring connectivity to more rural communities.
  • Improving human outcomes through knowledge exchange.
  • Developing new bilateral research project opportunities and strategic alliances between UK and Turkish stakeholders.
  • Demonstrating UK technology capabilities, knowledge and expertise with stakeholders.

The next update will be April 2024.

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