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Our UK Engagement

Our UK Engagement

We are engaged with research organisations and industry across the UK, supporting the commercialisation of new research to drive the growth of the UK space sector. We do this through a range of different programmes, including our Regional Centres of Excellence, supporting UK Space Clusters, fellowships and knowledge exchange with universities, and business support.

Explore the map to the left and see below for further details on our UK-wide engagement, as well as how you can contact us to discuss developing or growing your space cluster.


UK Space Clusters

We are working with space clusters across the UK, supporting their development and always looking for new innovation opportunities. Below are links to space clusters we are currently working with; please take a look to see how space is evolving around the UK.

Space Enterprise Community

The Space Enterprise Community is a new online platform designed to provide a collaborative, user friendly and centralised platform for the UK space sector. Designed to help connect a wide variety of organisations and individuals working in the sector across all UK regions, the Space Enterprise Network is the result of extensive research, scoping and development by the Catapult’s Regional Growth team (supported by the UKSA), in answer to challenges posed by colleagues across the country.

As well as connecting all commercial, academic, research and public sector stakeholders, it provides a location on which to store and share news, events, opportunities and resources. The platform also acts to encourage conversation and raise the profile of innovative projects and programmes taking place nationwide.

Space Enterprise Community
Universities and Fellowships

Universities and Fellowships

We have established the Knowledge Exchange (KE) programme to help us develop a deeper understanding of the scientific research base in the UK that is relevant to the Space sector. To further develop our engagement with universities, we have established a network of joint-funded positions known as Knowledge Exchange Fellowships.

Knowledge Exchange Fellows operate at a strategic level with their university. They work to identify intersections of existing or intended research strengths and un-met commercial need, and to promote and drive the development of agreed inter-disciplinary research and exploitation themes which will appeal to businesses and lead to commercialisation.

Industry Connections

We work closely with ESA Business Applications Ambassadors to support incubation and development through the ESA Business Incubation Centres.

Where possible, we also facilitate introductions between organisations we are working with and relevant industry partners. This includes hosting our monthly networking event, Satuccino, which is attended by a range of space industry organisations from academia, government and industry sectors.

Industry Connections

Having engaged with organisations in over 25 countries worldwide, we have established a presence to act as a conduit for UK businesses promoting space and satellite capability into new regions globally. We do this through providing UK businesses with signposting to opportunities, facilitating new relationships with international partners, collaborating with UK organisations and international. Two regions where we are developing strong relationships currently are China and Australia, giving platforms to support UK businesses to export space and satellite data innovation. Other ongoing and future focus regions for Catapult engagement in support of UK businesses are Latin America, the Gulf, India, Canada and the USA.


We are establishing a centre in Guangzhou, China. The new Sino-British Satellite Applications Centre (SBSAC) is aimed towards exploring partnerships and investment opportunities to facilitate joint ventures for the UK Space sector between UK and Chinese organisations. Some of the activities will entail undertaking collaborative research, facilitating international exchanges, and sharing market intelligence on global opportunities for exporting services. This will enable the Centre to be established as a platform for UK companies who wish to engage in the Chinese and Asian markets and to partner for global markets.


We are developing partnerships and enhanced business engagements within Australia to increase UK space sector collaborative development opportunities, access to new commercial exploitation opportunities and increase awareness of Australian technical and geo-political landscape. Our key engagements with key Australian stakeholders are culminating in new market channels, funding opportunities and bilateral collaborations for UK industry.

// New Space Clusters

Are you creating or growing a space cluster? Get in touch with us if you are interested in support or collaborations with us or the wider space community.

Nafeesa Dajda
Head of regional Growth +44 (0) 1235 567999